How To Buy Football Tickets Liverpool 2024

It’s no shock that getting hold of football tickets in Liverpool is notoriously hard. 

But you need to be pretty careful when finding Liverpool tickets online, there are often fake resellers or people selling tickets 10x the price they are originally meant to be.

Luckily, you’re in the right place, we’ve got all our insider tips and tricks to securing football tickets for Liverpool and watching them play at the famous Anfield stadium.

How To Buy Football Tickets Liverpool 2024

Why Is Buying Liverpool Tickets 2024 So Hard?

If you’ve been unsuccessful securing Liverpool tickets before, these games are so popular and often sold out to Liverpool members in advance before they are even available to non-members. 

Liverpool’s ticket allocation process means that members of the football team can buy tickets for the first half of the season in July and then the second half in November. 

About six weeks before local members will get the opportunity to buy tickets, if there are any tickets left then two weeks before the game there will be a general sale to the public – you can see why it’s hard to get tickets now.

How To Buy Football Tickets Liverpool 2024

Three Ways To Buy Football Tickets Liverpool 

There are three main ways to buy football tickets Liverpool wise, either through being a member, through official resellers, or third-party sellers.

1: Get Yourself An LFC Membership 

Being a member is the easiest way to get Liverpool tickets, as you read earlier, these tickets go on sale earlier than when they are available to the general public. You can register for membership around June time.

The light membership for Liverpool FC will get you tickets at half price during member sale periods, you also get a discount at the Liverpool shop.

2: Use Official Football Tickets Liverpool Resellers 

Liverpool FC has a list of official resellers you can buy tickets from on their website, they offer something known as hospitality tickets. 

These tickets include many other perks such as meals, hotels, meeting the football team, and more, they tend to be quite expensive but you can also buy them as non-members before other tickets go on sale.

You can see the list of all their resellers here.

3: Last Resort – Use A Third Party Liverpool Ticket Seller

Let us be clear,  we are not recommending this, but it is another way to secure football tickets if you miss out on the above. But third-party sellers come with their risks, so please do your homework before handing over any of your cold hard cash. 

How To Buy Football Tickets Liverpool 2024

How Much Do Football Tickets Liverpool Cost?

Football tickets in Liverpool cost as low as £9-£61 for a matchday ticket, these can vary according to the seat you choose or what’s available.

For example, LFC season ticket prices can go all the way up to £904. 

How Do I Get To Anfield Stadium In Liverpool To Watch LFC

Let’s say you’ve secured your Liverpool football tickets for 2024. Next, you’ll need to figure out how to get to the game and avoid the traffic and chaos on the day of the match.

For those looking to drink, you’re best bet is to get to Anfield Stadium in Liverpool by train. Merseyrail is affordable and reliable. Take the train to Kirkdale Railway Station or Sandhills Railway Station where you’ll be able to jump on a bus or get a taxi to the stadium. 

How Do I Get a Liverpool Away Ticket?

Getting Liverpool away tickets is a lot more difficult, even football members struggle to get these tickets, you need to have a Liverpool season ticket to even be within a chance to score these tickets. Your best bet is to use an offical Liverpool football ticket reseller such as Football Ticket Pad, and keep your eye out for their latest away game tickets. 


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