13 Scary Places to Visit in Liverpool

Looking for scary places to visit in Liverpool? You’re in great hands. Here’s our key list of spooky locations to see across the city!

13 scary places to visit in Liverpool:

Scary Places to Visit in Liverpool
Inside Newsham Park Hospital. Credit: Abandoned Yorkshire

1. Newsham Park Hospital

Heavily featured in the Liverpool Echo with accounts of ghost-sightings and spooky goings-on, these hospital ruins are a must-see for adventurers young and old. Steeped in history, this Grade II listed building dates back to 1871, when it was first built as an orphanage. This spooky site has lain abandoned since 1997 and several ghosts from children to matrons remain behind its’ doors. For the ultimate experience, visit Newsham at night on one of several ghost tours ran by popular tour companies such as Haunted Happenings and Haunting Nights. This is by far one of the best scary places to visit in Liverpool.

Scary Places to Visit in Liverpool
Inside Croxteth Hall. Credit: Haunted Rooms

2. Croxteth Hall

This country estate in West Derby dates back to the 16th century when it was built as a home for the Molyneux family, the Earls of Sefton. A tragic fire in 1952 destroyed many of the hall’s great features but a major restoration was undertaken, allowing guests to still visit to this day. A resident ghost who wanders the location is said to be Hugh William Osbert Molyneux, the 7th Earl of Sefton, who died in 1972. Although Croxteth Hall is currently closed, the Victorian Walled Garden is open daily from 10am- 3pm daily and the Country Park is open all year round. Head here to discover more on Croxteth Hall.

Scary Places to Visit in Liverpool
Tunnel at St James’ Cemetery lined with headstones from original gravesites. Credit: Andres Conema/ Alamy

3. St James’ Cemetery 

When it comes to searching for scary places to visit in Liverpool, this one is for all the budding Necropolis enthusiasts. Built in 1829, this cemetery contains almost 60,000 recorded burials and is now a Grade I listed public park. Explore the pedestrian tunnel featuring headstones which were removed from the lower half of the cemetery in the 1960s-70s. You can explore freely or join a guided tour. Explore more on the site’s history and burial records on the St James’ Cemetery website.

Scary Places to Visit in Liverpool
Tudor-style frame of Speke Hall. Credit: Haunted Rooms

4. Speke Hall

This spectacular wood-framed Tudor mansion is one of Merseyside’s most haunted places. Built in 1530, this unique site has seen many years of turbulent history and now belongs to the National Trust. The spirit visitors recall most is Mary, a previous occupant who couldn’t cope with her husband’s gambling problems and mounting debt, so resorted to throwing their son into the murky depths of the moat below. The gardens and restaurant are open every day throughout the autumn and winter meanwhile the hall is closed until 2024. For more info, head to the National Trust.

Scary Places to Visit in Liverpool
On the corner of Penny Lane. Credit: The Guide Liverpool

5. 44 Penny Lane 

First skyrocketed to fame thanks to the Beatles’ song of the same name, Penny Lane has retained notoriety for some darker reasons, too. The home, which has been used as a business for many decades, has gained a chilling reputation, said to be the sites of one of the hauntings in UK history. A particularly malevolent spirit has remained in the property since the Victorian period. Neighbors complain of hearing an unrelenting racket whilst passersby claim to see a little girl in the window. Head here for more on the Penny Lane Poltergeist.

Scary Places to Visit in Liverpool
Outside the infamous Adelphi Hotel. Credit: Liverpool Echo

6. Adelphi Hotel

Fancy an overnight stay in one of the UK’s most haunted hotels? Then this is the place for you. The Adelphi Hotel is located right in the heart of Liverpool and is home to some of the most notorious paranormal activity. Staff report sightings of a lady haunting the basement in a Victorian-style dress whilst guests see a spirit known as George at the end of their bed.  Treat yourself to a night away at the Adelphi Hotel, where you can enjoy great facilities, an ideal location, and perhaps hear a bump in the night.

Scary Places to Visit in Liverpool
Liverpool Anglican Cathedral. Credit: Dave Hepworth

7. Hope Street

Hope Street has become a feature of popular local ghost tours thanks to its spooky history. The main road connects two stunning Cathedrals and is said to be a hotspot for restless spirits. Join a tour or take yourself through the Cathedral Quarter of Hope Street where you’ll discover several spooky sites, including the legendary Philharmonic Dining Rooms, Will McKenzie’s blackened pyramid tomb, and the grandeur of the Georgian Old Town. Liverpool World hosts more on this intriguing site.

Scary Places to Visit Liverpool

8. Bidston Hill

Bidston Hill boasts spectacular views of Liverpool, but there’s more to this landmark than meets the eye. At 231 feet, Bidston Hill is one of the highest points in Wirral.  It covers 100 acres of heathland and woodland and contains a range of historic buildings. Wander the land alone or by a guided tour to discover a range of eerie buildings including a lighthouse, windmill, and a series of ancient pagan carvings. Read more on one of the most fascinating scary places to visit in Liverpool at Bidston Hill.

Scary Places To Visit in Liverpool

9. Ye Hole in Ye Wall

The oldest pub in Liverpool is bound to have some tales to tell, right? Ye Hole in Ye Wall doesn’t disappoint with dozens of spooky sightings and tales. This historical sight dates back to 1726 when it was first built over an ancient Quaker graveyard. The most common paranormal accounts detail an eerie figure in a long wax jacket who lingers in the bar. The bar is open every day from midday until late. Discover more at Pubs Heritage.

Scary Places to Visit in Liverpool

10. The Philharmonic Dining Rooms

Often known as ‘the Phil’, this is one of the city’s most famous pubs. It was built in the 1900s for Robert Cain Brewery and still retains its’ traditional features including stained glass windows and wood-paneled rooms. Many customers claim to spot the ghost of a clown wandering around the former gentleman’s club. Open every day from 11 am until late, pay a visit to this charming pub and keep an eye out for a funny-looking ghost, who may just take a seat beside you. Find out more at Nicholson’s Pubs.

Scary Places to Visit in Liverpool

11. Peter Kavanaugh’s 

Do you dare to have a drink in one of the city’s most haunted bars? Legend has it that circa 1844, a séance took place within the premises, and during this otherworldly gathering, a spirit named Marmaduke disrupted the circle and managed to break free. To this day, it is rumored that Marmaduke’s spectral presence continues to linger within the confines of Peter Kavanagh’s. Open every day til 12 am, make sure you pop into this unique haunt. Pub Heritage offers more info and images.

Scary Places to Visit in Liverpool

12. The Slaughterhouse

Known as one of the city’s most ancient taverns, The Slaughterhouse acquired its sinister moniker due to the chilling legends associated with its previous proprietor, who happened to be a butcher. It’s a macabre narrative reminiscent of Sweeney Todd. If you dare, venture to this haunted pub on Fenwick Street to uncover the eerie histories of its spectral inhabitants. It’s open til 11pm on weekdays and 1am on weekends. Find out more at Slaughterhouse Liverpool.

Scary Places to Visit in Liverpool
Credit: Hotels.com

13. Empire Theatre

This historic playhouse is almost 100 years old, having opened its’ doors in 1925. Common ghost sightings include the ghost of a tearful young girl in Victorian clothing and a former handyman called Les who seemingly never left. Catch a show at the UK’s largest two-tier theatre and who knows, maybe you’ll find a special guest in the seat next to you at one of the top scary places to visit in Liverpool. Find out what’s on at ATG Tickets.


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