A Very Greek Feast at Greekosophy

Tucked away behind Liverpool’s famous TJ Hughes, lies an unassuming Greek restaurant and deli where you will receive one of the warmest welcomes in Liverpool. Humble from the outside and a bustling hub of authentic Greek ambiance on the in, stepping into Greekosophy can only be likened to being welcomed straight into somebody’s home. What once begun as a street food vendor, sitting outside Anfield and serving delicious, traditional Greek cuisine to hungry football goers has now become a popular restaurant and deli, treating the people of Liverpool (and beyond) to homemade Greek dishes and very good wine. We were invited to try for ourselves.

Stepping off the cold February streets and into the warming atmosphere of Greekosophy is an absolute treat, not to mention the smell of homemade cooking that hits you almost immediately. Greekosophy adopts humble, minimal décor with a display of deli food and fresh cakes on one side and a small open kitchen on the other. We were shown to our seat and asked whether we’d like to choose our food from the menu or would prefer for the chef and owner to choose our dishes for us, bringing out a selection of some of their best-selling menu options. We decided to trust the professionals and go for the blind option – ready for the true Greekosophy experience. As well as choosing our food we were given a wine pairing to accompany the meal, with one large glass of white and one of red, both designed to complement the flavours of our Greek cuisine. As the chef declared ‘I hope you are hungry’ after taking our orders, I knew we were in for a Friday might dinner like no other.

As we sipped our wine and waited for our food, Greekosophy’s unassuming, simply decorated dining room was filling up fast with hungry customers eager for the food we’d heard so much about – office workers visiting for an authentic post work meal, a birthday party and families relaxing in each other’s company, ready for the weekend. First out was a sharing tray, consisting of pillow soft pita and a range of delicious homemade dips including traditional Tzatziki a paprika dip full of tangy, tomato-ey flavours, tirokafteri ( a rich, spicy cheese dip), the traditional, creamy bean dip Fava and Skordalia, a Greek take on everyone’s favourite condiment – hummus! All of the dips were packed full of flavour and dunking pita whilst sipping on wine made for the perfect starter. The standout dip for us was the Fava, blended to the perfect consistency with a delicious, garlicky taste.

Next out was the cold mezze which included a deliciously authentic Greek salad topped with a super creamy block of feta, the cripsy on the outside but super smooth in the middle Kolokithokeftedes (courgette balls) and an indulgent portion of cheese sticks all served beautifully on a piece of slate. Lastly, were tiny canape style bites of smoked pork and dried fig. Delicious.

In traditional Greek style we moved from our cold mezze to our hot, which included perfectly roasted and extremely flavourful roasted courgettes and one of Greekosophy’s best selling dishes, the Gigantes Fournou , which translates to butterbeans baked in the oven in a rich tomato sauce and topped with melted, roasted feta. The Gigantes Fournou was superb and proved that at Greekosophy, the vegetarian option is definitely not an afterthought (without the feta, this hearty bean stew also makes for a fantastic vegan, gluten free option).

Our final savoury course was Greekosophy’s unbelievable mixed meat grill full of all of the flavours of Greece. From succulent roasted chicken breast to pork cutlets, heavenly when dipped in Tzatziki, and spicy sausage and lamb kofta to really pack a punch. The meat plate was served with more delicious pita breads as well as chips – all cooked to a perfectly moist consistency, full of meaty flavours. A must order for meat-lovers. As we munched our way through Greekoshopy’s menu, the fantastic hospitality ensured our wine glasses were topped up and that we had everything we needed. Our waiters and owners of the restaurant also ensured we were informed of everything we were eating as well as explaining how everything was cooked, making Greekosophy not just a delicious meal out but a truly unforgettable dining experience.

We barely had room for another thing, but seeing the delicious sweet treats that Greekosophy had to offer we throught it best to squeeze in a few sweet treats before we left. Leaving it to the experts again, we indulged in rich chocolate profiteroles, a fantastic slice of soft, walnut sponge and, the winner of the dessert platter, the Ekmek Kantaifi. Think a cheesecake filling made up of clotted cream and creamy custard on top of shredded, syrup soaked pastry and sprinkled with chopped pistachio. A true moment of foodie bliss.

If you’re looking to step off the streets of Liverpool and dine in a traditional Greek haven with truly authentic tastes and cooking, combined with warm, friendly hospitality, fantastic wine and great value for money, then look no further than Greekosophy. Just arrive hungry.

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