Easter 2021 – How to Have a Happy Easter at Home

Celebrate Easter 2021 at home in Liverpool with these fabulous Easter egg arts and crafts, Easter egg hunts and delicious Easter 2021 food ideas.

Easter 2020

Celebrate Easter 2021 while still staying safe at home with these incredible Easter ideas. It is still really important to stay at home and with Easter just around the corner, we’ve put together a list of some fun and creative ways to enjoy Easter 2021 while indoors. Get ready for Easter egg arts and crafts, delicious Easter recipes and ways to mark this beautiful time of year while in isolation.

Easter 2021 Dates for your Diary

Easter 2020

Good Friday 2021

This year, Good Friday is on April 2nd. This is a great time to start enjoying Hot Cross Buns, as the cross decoration on the buns commemorates the cross. A Good Friday breakfast is nothing without a toasted Hot Cross Bun so get out the butter, jam and honey and treat yourself to this delicious British bun to celebrate the start of Easter. Some people also celebrate Good Friday by refraining from eating meat or meat products on this day, so it’s time to use up those vegetables in the fridge.

Fancy making them yourself: BBC Good Foods Hot Cross Bun Recipe

Although cross buns are a traditional Christian baking staple, history shows that they have distinct pagan roots. In fact, Ancient Romans used to offer cross-marked buns to Diana, goddess of the hunt and moon. An excavation in the ruins of Pompeii revealed remains of cross-marked cakes. Find out more about the fascinating history of hot cross buns here.

Easter 2020

Easter Sunday 2021

This year, Easter lands on Sunday 4th April 2021. Not long now, so make sure you check out our Easter 2021 at-home arts, crafts, and recipes below to make this year as special as you can while you’re staying at home. If you enjoy a roast dinner, this is the perfect time to treat your family to a homemade British lunch. Parsnips, carrots, roasted potatoes, my mouth is watering already.

Easter 2021 – Celebrate at Home Ideas

Easter 2020

Easter egg decorating 

Get creative and start decorating eggs with the kids in the run up to Easter. Not only will they give your home a lovely new look, but they can also be eaten after all the decorating so it’s really a win win. Make speckled Robin eggs like the ones above. Hard boil the eggs before hand to ensure if they break there is no mess.

What you’ll need:

  • Tupperware with a lid
  • Rice
  • Blue & green food colouring


  1. Add 1/2 cup of rice to the Tupperware container
  2. Add 6-10 drops of green food colouring into the rice and shake a little so it begins to coat the rice.
  3. Put your eggs on top of the rice and put the lid on. Shake shake shake.
  4. Let the egg sit for about 20 minutes so the colour absorbs it and dries. If you plan to eat the eggs later, put them in the fridge.
  5. Repeat steps 1-3 with blue food colouring.

Follow the full instructions and find more inspiration here.

Easter Egg Hunt Clues 

An Easter egg hunt is one of the best ways to celebrate Easter with children. In Liverpool, the tradition of buying Easter eggs and hiding them around the house is strong so don’t let this year be any different. If you haven’t managed to buy Easter eggs, it really doesn’t matter. A small toy, chocolate, sweets or even a snack will give your children a wonderful prize at the end of an Easter Egg hunt. To make it super easy to set up, print off or copy the below Easter egg hunt clues and place them around your home. Or download them from happyhealthymama.comfor free.

Easter 2020 clues

Easter 2020 clues

Easter 2020 clues

Make sure to do this when your kids are outside in the garden, taking a nap or at night so there is no cheating going on. You could also leave a half eaten carrot by the first clue and say “Oh look the Easter Bunny has been’ to add more magic to the hunt.

Easter 2020

Easter egg box wreath

Once you’ve started to decorate eggs for Easter, why not transform the leftover egg boxes into a beautiful homemade Easter wreath like this one.

Simply cut out the individual egg box units, making them into small flower shapes and start painting.

Cut out a large circle from cardboard, perhaps an old breakfast cereal box, this will form the base of the wreath.

Once dry, glue the recycled egg box flowers onto the wreath. You can use a glue gun, PVA glue or even brass fasteners to secure them in place.

Hang up and display your crafty side.

We found this fabulous Easter 2021 recycling craft idea on kingdomofazuria.com

Easter 2020

Easter 2020 Easter 2020

Easter Egg Colouring In and Worksheets.

Liverpool schools are still shut so a lot of Liverpool families are struggling to keep the little ones occupied while at home. Keep the kids busy this Easter 2021 with Easter egg colouring in and worksheets. You can save the images we’ve included and print them off. This will provide hours of Easter fun and perhaps some peace and quiet for mum and dad.

We found these fabulous kids printable worksheets here.

Easter 2021 Recipes

Make Easter unbelievably delicious with these yummy Easter 2021 recipes. Use up any leftovers and entertain yourself and the kids for a couple of hours by getting creative in the kitchen. If we enjoy one thing in Liverpool it’s a cup of tea and a slice of cake.

Easter 2020 Vegan Carrot Cake Recipe

Vegan carrot cake recipe

This moist, sweet and spicy easy to make carrot cake is perfect for Easter 2021. With a lemon glaze, it goes down a treat with a cup of tea.

Plus, you can freeze the cake to enjoy at a later date too, meaning you can use up those carrots that are about to turn- waste NOT.

Make the Ultimate Vegan Carrot Cake with this Recipe

Easter 2020

Honey brown sugar roasted carrots recipe

Super tasty honey brown sugar roasted carrots are a fantastic Easter 2021 dish and a great accompaniment to a Sunday roast. With the sweetness from the honey and brown sugar to the fresh taste of the carrots, it’s a super tasty dish to make this Easter.

Creme De La Crumb has the recipe for delicious Easter carrots.

Easter 2020

Cottage pie recipe

If you haven’t got any lamb or chicken for a Easter Sunday roast, but you have some ground beef, this is the perfect recipe for you. Enough this delicious and comforting dish featuring rich beef, mixed vegetables and fluffy mashed potatoes.

Taste Better From Scratch has the best Cottage Pie Recipe

Easter is a big celebration in Liverpool and it’s important to keep up traditions and do something fun and uplifting to mark the occasion even during isolation in Liverpool. We want to wish you all a wonderful Easter 2021 and we’d love to hear of how you’re planning on celebrating Easter this year.

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