Floatation Therapy – have you tried it?

If you’ve never heard of floatation therapy, the treatment involves floating on top of warm water in a tank. The tank is full to the brim with Epsom salts that not only help you to float effortlessly on top of the water but also relax your muscles, relieving pressure and helping towards a quicker recovery. On top of all this, it’s pretty bloody relaxing, allowing you to switch off from the world and simply chill. This heavenly sounding activity is now available in Liverpool, and we went to try it out.

Situated on Dale Street, the brand new Float Planet opened at the end of last year and consists of float tanks, a vanity room and a beautiful relaxation area to give you the full VIP treatment. We arrived to the venue for an 11.30am float and were immediately shown to our float rooms (it is one person per tank). The rooms consist of the float tank, a shower for showering down before an after and a small area to change/store clothes. We were given a brief rundown of how the tank was going to work and provided with ear plugs and a huge white fluffy towel. We were then left alone to change into swimwear, shower down pre-float and get into the tank.

Relaxing music plays at the beginning of your float and then again at the end (so you know when to get out) the tanks are lit with a beautiful blue glow which can be turned off totally or left subtly shining, depending on your preference. Similarly, you can also close the tank completely to embrace to full experience or leave the door ajar – a lot of people worry about claustrophobia, but with the door slightly open, you can still enjoy a totally relaxing experience. Getting into the tank was simple and after showering down you simply lower yourself in gently. We were warned to be careful not to get any of the salt water on our face/in our eyes due to the high salt content, but you float so effortlessly on the surface, this is easy to avoid.

The idea of Float Planet is to totally remove the feeling of gravity and lying back drifting over the water, you can really understand what they mean. With everything that goes on in our super busy everyday lives, we actually found it really hard to switch off at first, but once you really let you and totally relax, your mind empties and you simply enjoy the sound of silence. There’s no proper way to relax and you can simply do whatever suits you, whether that’s drifting off into a deep sleep, or simply acknowledging and letting go of your overcrowded mind – seriously, try it.

Once the music fades up and the lights come back on, you’re gently brought back to reality where you can get out of the tank and begin to shower – everything from shower gel to conditioner and even make up wipes are provided, with hairdryers also available in the vanity room. Although we left the floatation rooms feeling seriously relaxed, there was also an element of rejuvenation to our moods – muscles that were niggling and tension that had built up seemed to have been relieved and left behind in the tank.

Once we were ready, we headed up to the relaxation area where we were handed a mug of herbal tea and sat down in the armchairs; books and magazines are also provided – a really nice touch to the end of an amazingly relaxing hour.

If you’ve read this review and still have your reservations about giving Float Planet a go, we urge you to try it. The staff are super friendly and will give you all the information that you need before you begin to float and once you’re in the tank and learn to relax, it is not only a total treat but also an extremely worthwhile experience, and one that can benefit all of us! So if you’re looking for a unique form of TLC, where you’re treated like a VIP and can even be slotted into your everyday routine, try Float Planet – we’ll be back for sure.

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