Halloween Events Liverpool For Families 2023

Halloween Events Liverpool For Families 2023


If you’ve been scouring the web for the best Halloween events Liverpool has in store for families in 2023, you’ve come to the right place! From scream parks to family fright festivals, Liverpool is bursting with spooktacular events that cater to all ages. Ready to dive into a world of ghoulish delight? Let’s unveil the most thrilling Halloween events Liverpool for families is offering this year!

Halloween Events Liverpool For Families

1. Newsham Scream Park

Who: Dare to take a thrill ride? This Halloween event in Liverpool is sure to get your heart racing, but perhaps it’s best suited for families with older kids and adults given the age restrictions in place.
What: Newsham Scream Park
Where: Newsham Park, inside the old abandoned Newsham Park Hospital.
When: From October 13 to November 5, 2023.
Why: It’s been labeled the UK’s scariest attraction this year! Two scare attractions, the Insanitorium, and The Orphanage, are available for those aged 14+. For the brave souls over 18, there’s the HELLuminati which isn’t for the faint-hearted.
How Much: Click here to find out the prices and book your ticket.

Halloween Events Liverpool For Families

2. Church Farm Family Fright Festival

Who: Ideal for families looking to combine a day out on the farm with Halloween activities.
What: Church Farm Family Fright Festival
Where: Church Farm, Wirral, CH61 0HW.
When: From 30th September to 29th October 2023.
Why: From a skull search activity pack to tractor rides and the usual farm animals, it’s a day out in the countryside with a Halloween twist.
How Much: Full-day child tickets from £7 and adults at £8. Half-day and family ticket options are available. Enhance your visit with the Skull search activity pack for £3.95. Book your tickets for Family Fright Festival here.

Halloween Events Liverpool For Families

3. Ottersghoul at Otterspool Adventure

Who: For families with a penchant for villainy – in the fun sense, of course!
What: Ottersghoul Event
Where: Otterspool Adventure, Liverpool, L19 2PA.
When: From 27th to 31st October 2023.
Why: Watch as iconic villains like Captain Hook, Ursula, and others take over the park with their wicked schemes. Dive into the tombstone trail, or join the pumpkin parade.
How Much: £20 for children and £10 per adult. Book your Ottersghoul tickets here.

Halloween Events Liverpool For Families

4. Spooky Welly Walk for Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation

Who: Families who enjoy outdoor fun, crafts, and interactive activities.
What: Spooky Welly Walk
Where: Sefton Park, Liverpool.
When: 21st October 2023.
Why: With around 30 attractions from Creepy Crafts to Menacing Mask Making, it’s a whole day of bewitching fun for little ones.
How Much: £5 per ticket, under 2s free, £18 for a family of 4. Find out more and book here.

Halloween Events Liverpool For Families

5. Raver Tots Halloween Party

Who: For families that want a high-energy Halloween celebration.
What: Raver Tots Halloween Party
Where: Invisible Wind Factory, Liverpool.
When: 22nd October 2023, starting at 2 pm.
Why: Experience a grand effects show, complete with dancers, lasers, bubbles, and confetti blasts. The event promises a fusion of fun and spooky energy.
How Much: £12 per child and £14 per adult. Get your tickets for the Raver Tots Halloween Party here.

Halloween Events Liverpool For Families

6. Pumpkin Patch Pantomime at Speke Hall

Who: Families who enjoy outdoor theatrical performances filled with humor and suspense.
What: Pumpkin Patch Pantomime
Where: The Walk, Speke, Liverpool, L24 1XD.
When: 31st October 2023.
Why: Discover if Horrid-Horrabella will conquer the Pumpkin Patch and ruin Halloween in this laugh-out-loud pantomime.
How Much: Tickets at £9. Book your Pumpkin Patch Pantomime tickets here.

Halloween Events Liverpool For Families

7. Halloween Family Day at Aintree

Who: Families ready to combine racing thrills with Halloween chills.
What: Halloween Family Day
Where: Aintree Racecourse.
When: Sunday, 29th October 2023.
Why: Dress up your little ghouls and engage in a day filled with face painting, eerie characters, and many more spooky surprises.
How Much: Tickets start from £10, with kids entering for free. Find out more and book your tickets here.

Halloween Events Liverpool For Families

8. Halloween UV Painting

Who: Creative families eager to explore art in a new light.
What: Halloween UV Painting
Where: Leaf On Bold Street, Liverpool.
When: Thursday, 26th October 2023.
Why: Dive into the dark world of UV painting. Watch as neon colors come alive under UV lights, and paint spooky Halloween-themed art.
How Much: From £28.33. Book your Halloween UV Painting experience here.

Halloween Events Liverpool For Families

9. Halloween Pancake Party at TIEC

Who: If you’re a family hungry for both Halloween-themed fun and scrumptious food, this event is tailor-made for you.

What: The Halloween Pancake Party isn’t your average Halloween get-together. As the name suggests, pancakes take center stage, but that’s just a slice of the fun.

Where: Hosted at the renowned TIEC, a venue known for its lively events and welcoming atmosphere.

When: Mark your calendars for Friday, 27th October 2023. This is one Halloween bash you wouldn’t want to miss.

Why: Beyond the allure of fluffy, delicious pancakes, attendees have a wealth of activities to dive into. The Creepy Crafting Corner will allow children to unleash their creativity, crafting spooky decorations and memorable keepsakes. But that’s not all; the Deadly Disco promises toe-tapping tunes that will have everyone, from toddlers to grandparents, showing off their dance moves. With an array of games on offer, children stand a chance to win exciting prizes and proudly take home the crafts they’ve created.

How Much: To learn more about ticket pricing, and event specifics, and to secure your spot at this much-anticipated Halloween Pancake Party, visit the official Eventbrite page.

Halloween Events Liverpool For Families

10: Farmaggedon 2023 Tickets

Who: This Halloween event in Liverpool is ideal for thrill-seekers and horror enthusiasts, especially those aged 16 and above.

What: Farmaggedon: Voted one of the top Halloween events worldwide, Farmaggedon returns with a vengeance! Known as the ‘ultimate October fear fest’, this event promises an adrenaline-pumping experience you won’t soon forget.

Where: Hosted at the infamous Farmer Ted’s in Ormskirk, this location sets the perfect backdrop for a spine-chilling adventure.

When: Dates are scattered throughout October, ensuring multiple opportunities for those eager to face their fears.

Why: Why should you attend? Apart from the eerily realistic scarehouses such as The Meat Locker, The Beast of Terror, Contagion, Maze of Death, and the Zombie Warzone, there are additional attractions! Enjoy music from live DJs, and bands, and be enchanted by magicians, aerial performers, and dancers. And, of course, brace yourself for those definitely roaming zombies!

How Much: Specific ticket pricing can be found on their official website, so you can select a date and experience that suits your frightful fancy.

Halloween Events Liverpool For Families

11: Festival of the Dead Liverpool 2023

Who: Specifically curated for individuals over the age of 18, this event is perfect for adults seeking an otherworldly escape from the mundane.

What: Festival of the Dead is not your average Halloween party. This grand event morphs The Olympia into the enigmatic ‘home of the dark arts’, creating an atmosphere that is nothing short of magical, mysterious, and macabre.

Where: Set in the iconic space of The Olympia, the venue will be unrecognizable as it metamorphoses to host this magnificent spectacle.

When: Mark your calendars for the night of October 28, a date when the realms of the living and the dead are believed to be at their closest.

Why: This isn’t just another Halloween event. Festival of the Dead offers a kaleidoscope of experiences – from circus acts and carnivals to absolute chaos. Immerse yourself in an atmosphere where clubbers blend seamlessly with giant skeleton puppets and surreal creatures. With a rich auditory experience ranging from indie to techno beats and live music, this is the place to be for Halloween aficionados.

How Much: For ticket details and more intricate specifics about the event, it’s best to head straight to their official page.
Find out more here.

Halloween Events Liverpool For Families

12: Bongo’s Bingo Liverpool Halloween Party

Who: The event is suitable for adults who are young at heart, and who desire an electrifying blend of traditional bingo with a thrilling twist.

What: Bongo’s Bingo is no ordinary game. This Halloween Special takes the age-old game of bingo and cranks it up several notches, integrating surprise elements that’ll keep you on your toes throughout the night.

Where: Taking place at the vibrant venue, Content, expect a setting that resonates with the spirit of Halloween and the vibrancy of Bongo’s unique brand.

When: The magic unfolds on October 29, setting the stage for a Halloween eve you won’t forget in a hurry.

Why: The allure of Bongo’s Bingo lies in its unpredictable nature. Alongside the traditional elements of bingo, attendees can anticipate a cavalcade of themed prizes and unexpected surprises. The ambiance will be set by a specially curated Halloween soundtrack, ensuring that even the ghosts in attendance will be grooving. What’s more? There will be dance-offs, tantalizing cash prizes, and of course, the trademark bingo madness that fans have come to know and love.

How Much: For ticketing details and other specifics about Bongo’s Bingo Halloween Special.

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