Moments that Last a Lifetime Hope Street Casting Studio

We have found a place in Liverpool that can freeze precious moments in your life and make memories that last a lifetime. Hope Street Casting Studio in Liverpool specialise in helping families treasure life’s beautiful moments by creating personalised stone sculptures.

Hope Street Casting Studio Liverpool

We were invited to their city-center studio to try out this amazing service for ourselves. Rana and her daughter Florence, from the Unlock Liverpool team took the opportunity to spend some family time together and create something that would reflect their strong mother and daughter bond.

Located on Hope Street in Liverpool, Hope Street Casting Studio offers Liverpool Family Casting along with Memorial Casting. This unique and precious service provides families with a personalised tribute to a special time in their life or something to remember a loved one by. We were warmly welcomed by Angela who explained the process and what they offer in more detail.

Hope Street Casting Studio Liverpool

The sculpture can be uniquely designed by you, or the team at the studio can help you to create a design that reflects your emotional bond and relationship. Often families choose to cast their hands, either holding each hand in a circle to reflect the bond or placing hands on-top of the other to symbolize a family generation by generation. This type of casting is becoming increasingly popular among Liverpool families who wish to welcome a new-born baby into a family and cast their adorable little feet or hands. This also makes a beautiful gift to send to family and friends.

Hope Street Memorial Casting Liverpool

The memorial casting service, offered by Hope Street Casting Studio is something we’ve not come across before, but think is a remarkable way to honor the passing of a loved one. This is often a sensitive and sad time in someone’s life but this service allows you to preserve your love and remember the strong bond you shared by creating a beautiful hand stone sculpture together.

Hope Street Memorial Casting Liverpool

The process is simple and non-invasive and provides a high-level of realism. Not only do you cast your hands, but the team will also collect fingerprints, make note of moles, freckles and scars to ensure the sculpture is accurate and lifelike. A three dimensional sculpture like this, can help during the grieving process, after a loved one has passed, as it can be held, touched and provides a constant reminder of the love you shared.

This is a fantastic and unique experience and we would recommend to young families who want to remember their baby’s little feet or hands or for those who want to create a unique memory of their family that will last a lifetime. For more information about Hope Street Casting Studio in Liverpool visit their website, or email

  1. We had the pleasure of meeting the lovely ange who did our family cast as we wanted to capture our family bond , something we could treasure forever.
    Ange was so welcoming and such a lovely kind genuine person who listens to what you want and goes above and beyond to make sure she delivers exactly what you ask for.
    I can definitely recommend ange and her work and we will definitely go back for any future casts that we want .

  2. Me and my dad have had a hand casting done by the fabulous Ange at Hope Street Casting Studio, it was my present to him for fathers day.
    From the moment I first walked in I felt like I had known Ange for years, she made me and my dad feel so welcome. The work she does is amazing and you cant get anything more personal than something like this.

  3. Ange is absolutely amazing, we had ours done last Christmas and this is always pride of place on our house.
    We are so happy with it.
    Thanks again Ange and would definitely recommend to any one

  4. Hello Michelle, thank you for reading our article! We’ve contacted Ange who runs Hope Street Casting Studio and the quote for a three hand casting would be £395. If you’d like to book please contact Ange either on Instagram @hope_street_bodycasting_studio or visit her website . If you need any more information about wonderful experiences like this in Liverpool, let me know!

  5. Wonderful to hear that Chris! We absolutely loved the hand casting Ange created for us too! Seriously talented and so lovely to work with too!

  6. Thank you Manuela for reading this article about Hope Street Casting Studio. We completely agree, Ange is a truly dedicated artist that takes the time to really create something special for her customers.

  7. Hi Gillian, yes what a fabulous Father’s Day gift idea! We’re thinking of doing this again but for Mother’s Day this year! It really does make a gift that is not only beautiful but also captures a special moment together!

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