Liverpool Band Hushtones Introduce Brand New EP – and it’s an absolute must listen

Proof of the never ending talent on Liverpool’s music scene, local band Hushtones released their brand new, self-titled EP last month, and we seriously can’t get enough. The crowd-wowing release was performed exclusively at Sound on Duke Street as part of The Music Manual Presents and now the band are preparing for an epic 2019 with their new releases.

Hushtones’ fantastically creative new music has been described as a mixture of wanting to have a good time, highlighting the importance of mental health, the ever-present topic of political anguish and the destruction of heartbreak, rolled into four awe-inspiring new tracks.

One of the tracks; ‘Good Fight’ was written around recent, poignant times of societal unrest, created, in fact, during the time of the Grenfell Tragedy and ‘State of Mind’ paying tribute to the importance of men’s mental health issues. The release not only showcases Hushtones undeniably talented, harmonious vocals and poetic songwriting but are also crucial to the times in which we live, with each song carrying a deeper meaning.

Vocalist and keyboardist Matha Goddard, said: “Mick, Caitlin and I have been playing together for almost two years but it wasn’t until the lovely Abe and Huw joined us in April that we became this ‘proper’ band.

“We have been making music for a while and having fun with it, but we’ve got to a point where we are more and more excited by the music we’re making.

“We really wanna share this with people.”

“Our music is… a bit soulful, a bit passionate, our lyrics are relatable.”

“But with two lead songwriters we end up with a blend of styles and experiences. Our songs are quite varied and it keeps things interesting. We love harmonies and have a mixture of female and male voices that works well.”

If, like us, you enjoy a good bit of local Liverpool talent and haven;t yet heard the brand new Hushtones EP, you can listen to it in all of its glory right here as well as download right here.

With a successful 2018 in the bag, Hushtones are preparing for an even more epic 2019, with several plays and live performances on BBC Radio Merseyside.

Big things are coming for Hushtones. Watch this space.

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