Liverpool Coronavirus – Coronavirus in Pregnancy

Liverpool Coronavirus pregnancy

Liverpool University has launched a study that aims to understand more about how Covid_19 affects pregnancy, in order to improve the care given to pregnant women. Liverpool University is asking for pregnant women and family and friends to help them with this key and potentially life saving research by first completing an online survey.

Liverpool Coronavirus cases are still rising and researching how the virus affects pregnant women across Merseyside is one way of fighting back. Knowledge is power and with as much information as possible, scientists and medical staff can better understand how the deadly virus works and how it can affect pregnant women and newborn babies.

Liverpool University first require people to fill in an online survey about the Liverpool Coronavirus research and whether you’d be happy to take part or for your partner to take part.

Complete the Liverpool Coronavirus Survey

Liverpool Coronavirus pregnancy

Liverpool Coronavirus in Pregnancy

It is important that we understand more about how coronavirus affects pregnancy, so that we can improve the care and information we are currently giving to pregnant women.

One way that can help us do this is by looking at some of the blood given by women early on in their pregnancy. Liverpool University would test this blood and see if it is positive for the coronavirus. After this, they plan to see how the woman’s pregnancy continues in terms of her general health and wellbeing and that of her baby.  This is important as it will help us understand more about how the virus affects pregnancy and also how pregnancy affects the virus.

All of this research would be carried out using the normal samples and information provided during pregnancy – pregnant women wouldn’t need to do anything more. Also, all the information and samples used as part of this research would be completely anonymous – which means that no one would know who the samples or data belonged to.

Before Liverpool University begins their research they would like to know what pregnant women in Liverpool think. This is also a fantastic opportunity to highlight anything they might have missed or not considered when putting together their research. If you would like to help Liverpool University with this online survey, please follow the link below to complete the survey.

The survey can be completed by anyone and the information provided will help Liverpool University a great deal.

Complete the Liverpool Coronavirus in Pregnancy Survey

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