Liverpool Gladiator Training Camp

Looking for something a bit different to do in Liverpool this summer? If you’ve got little ones, get ready for the Liverpool Gladiator Training Camp for kids.

The Romans Liverpool

Yes, that’s right, brought to Liverpool by The Romans, this fantastic series of family friendly events will help to keep your kids entertained this summer holiday. We ask Liverpool mum of two, Julie to find out more.

As a teacher the summer holidays have always been special to me. As a teacher who is now also a mum of two, those holidays now hold new significance. It’s our time to catch up, reconnect as a family, make some new memories and hopefully discover new adventures.

We’re always looking for exciting things to do as a family, especially now Bea (5) and Teddy (3) are well out of the baby –toddler stage. This summer we are especially excited to try something completely new to us, some fantastic sounding Mini Roman events at The Romans in Liverpool.

It’s all kicking off on July the 28th with Gladiator training camp. Your little one can take part in sword training, obstacle courses and Gladiator duels. Both Bea and Teddy have inherited Mamma’s competitive streak so they are both sure to enjoy this experience.

Thankfully they’ve also inherited their Dad’s creative side, which will come in handy at the Mini Arts and Craft day on the 11th of August. With a focus on Roman art including mosaics and pottery, youngsters will be able to create something amazing, whilst also learning a little bit at the same time.

The Romans Liverpool Events

Summer will be rounded off with an epic sounding end of summer party on the 25th of August. This is a chance for the whole family to come together to see what the kids have been up to, celebrate what they have achieved and take part in numerous activities as well as seeing an exhibition of Roman artifacts.

Tickets for the party will be on sale from July the 25th through to August the 24th. General admission for the Gladiator Training Camp and Arts and Crafts Day will be free. For more details check out The Romans website or go to The Romans Facebook Events Page. As a family, we can’t wait for these events, they are sure to be one of the highlights of our summer holiday this year.

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