Liverpool Mum Praising Chocolate CBD

Raised Spirit Organic CBD Oil Works Wonders for Liverpool Mum and Unlock Liverpool Finds Out Why She Loves It.

A few weeks ago, a jar of what I call, magic, arrived in the post. Raised Spirit Organic CBD coconut oil with raw cacao powder and sweetened with coconut blossom syrup. After several miserable weeks of rain in Liverpool, and with no prospect of it clearing up anytime soon, my aches and pains, made worse by the damp, were becoming an annoyance to say the least. I was feeling pretty miserable.

CBD Coconut Oil

Upon opening the jar, the smell of chocolate was amazing. Let me just say, I’ve been trying to avoid chocolate and cakes, so I can loose enough weight to eventually have both knees replaced. So the upside of taking a small amount of this delicious hit of dark chocolate everyday, has been enough to keep my sweet-tooth at bay. That was a plus! I’ve been taking the maximum dosage of painkillers, and although I can function OK, I still have aches and pains in my joints, when it’s damp. I don’t like taking medication for long periods of time, especially after reading the side-effects that some can have on the body with long-term use, so I thought I would give CBD products a try. Well, I’m so glad I did. I find no problem taking this off a teaspoon, actually it’s quite pleasurable. The CBD definitely hits the spot and I’ve been able to reduce my painkillers. I feel more awake and able to get things done. Best of all, the management of my pain has improved and my aches are no more.

I can’t thank you so much for a better quality of life. I still have plenty left but I will be putting in another order very soon! For more information please visit Raised Spirit.


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