MAC in Liverpool

Have you ever wondering what MAC in Liverpool offers. Well we popped into their store last week to find out how they could transform us Liverpool ladies in time for a big night-out in the city.

MAC Liverpool

MAC is the go to store for cosmetics and beauty must haves for many Liverpool make-up artists due to it’s pigmented pallets and full cover foundation. Let’s be honest, the last thing you want on a night-out in Liverpool, is a foundation that slides off the face while you’re smashing the dance-floor. Want to hear the good news? MAC offer services that show you what products work well together with your individual skin tone and skin type and how to professionally apply them. Some of these services are complimentary – absolutely free!

MAC in Liverpool, offer two types of services. The first type is complimentary (FREE!) and is a 15 minute express service which focuses on one area of choice. You can choose to focus on skin, contour and highlight, eyebrows, eyes, lips or lashes. If you’re already fairly confident applying make up but just have a couple of questions or want to switch up your eye shadow, this is perfect for you! Best of all, this is a free service with no obligation to buy products afterwards. Still take your purse though – once they do a perfect job of matching your foundation shade or showing you how to create the ultimate smoky eye, how can you not buy the products that make you look glamorous?


MAC Liverpool


Alternatively, if you’re looking for a little more time to be spent on you, or even if you’re just wanting to be pampered before a special night out, you could opt to go for their redeemable services. These services work in a way were the money that you spend on the service is redeemable, and you are able to spend that amount (and probably more, knowing us ladies!) on products. These are available for 30, 45, and 60 minutes (£30, £45, £60). You can even choose to have ‘The Works’ which MAC class themselves as ‘the ultimate make up experience’. Again, this is a redeemable service.

Two members of our team tried the M.A.C Cosmetic services to see what they had to offer. One chose a 30 minute service and requested to have their eyes focused upon. The make up artist was fantastic, asking about wardrobe choices and preferences beforehand to help pick out colours that would work. Afterwards, the artist coloured in the face chart so our team member could leave with a card matching her new palette to remind her how to recreate the look.

MAC Liverpool

As someone who doesn’t wear a lot of make up regularly, I decided to pamper myself and go for ‘The Works.’ My make up artist suggested all sorts and showed me how to apply make up in a particular way. She completed one side of the face whilst I watched in the hand held mirror provided, and then I completed the opposite side to match hers. This was done step by step, and by the end you couldn’t tell which side was done by me. Unbelievable! My make up looked perfect and made me feel super confident when I left the store. At the end of the service, she provided a chart with a list of the products she used and asked which ones I would like to purchase using the redeemable £75. It was difficult to choose, let’s put it that way! I may have ‘redeemed’ more than £75 worth.

We loved the services that MAC had to offer and would definitely book in as the artists have some serious skill when it comes to applying make up and sharing their tips in a way that’s easy to understand. We spent a lot of money on products afterwards, but we’re seeing it as an investment!

MAC in Liverpool offer these services in various locations all over the country. In Liverpool, there are two different stores. One is located within the Metquarter on the ground floor. The other is inside Harvey Nichols in Liverpool One, partially on the ground floor and partially on the first floor. We much preferred being on the first floor in Harvey Nichols as it was much quieter and out of the way.

The redeemable services are a fantastic purchase if you’re looking for a birthday present. If they love make up, they’re getting someone to do theirs plus make up they can choose themselves. If it’s someone who’s not so confident with make up, they can get there’s done for free for their next party or night out and redeem the money on some of the same products to recreate the same look in the future. The perfect gift for any glam girl!

It’s definitely worth mentioning that these services are very popular, and if you’re after a Saturday appointment, you better book in quick. The appointments go like hot cakes!

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