One off the bucket list: Barburrito’s burrito masterclass

Every advocate for the amazing tastes and flavours of Mexican food will all know and love Barburrito, it’s fresh and delicious ingredients allowing us to grab a jam packed, traditional Mexican dish, on the go. But whilst we’ve all most definitely ordered one – you’ve probably never had the chance to make one for yourself. We couldn’t believe it when Barburrito invited us to cross over the threshold and try our hand at our very own Burrito creation. Here’s what we learnt.

Arriving at the masterclass we were greeted with sombreros and beers – the true Mexican way. Our lovely host explained a little bit about Barburrito as a brand, their super secret, brand new ‘death valley’ chain and the expansions to Barburrito’s already ridiculously yummy menu. New additions include a vegan sweet potato chilli, packed full of flavour and delicious mixed with beans in a soft tortilla, loaded fries, nachos and, wait for it, churros.

Our hosts kindly brought out an array of samples for us to get stuck in, with the little black pots consisting of everything you can have in a burrito – from mild to spicy beans, chicken, steak, guac, cheese sauce, vegan slaw – the list goes on and we enjoyed every last bite – the ridiculously creamy guac and salty tortilla chips being my personal highlight.

After much chatting and nibbling it was time to head one by one for the main event: burrito making. Standing behind the counter we were told to pick a filling. Our choices consisted of classic chicken, pulled pork or steak or some of the newer flavours such as the vegan chilli and, my choice, the tinga chicken (shredded chicken with a delicious chipotle flavour). Once my base was picked, we added all the additions that make Barburrito the best: roasted peppers, mushrooms, spinach, medium beans (spicy if you dare), guac (of course), vegan slaw (my choice instead of rice) and alllll of the cheese. Finish off with a dab of salsa and a squirt of sour cream et voila. Folding up the masterpiece is ALOT harder than it looks, with filling falling out all over the place if you don’t get that fold jusssst right.

Thank you so much to the guys at Barburrito for sharing their deepest darkest secrets and letting me fill a burrito with pretty much anything i fancied. The result? A burrito the weight of a newborn baby falling down my arms as i attempted to scoff it on the train. It was the best thing i’d ever eaten. Until we meet again, Barburrito!

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