Six by Nico Liverpool The Alps

Six by Nico The ALPS

Taste The Alps with Six By Nico Liverpool 18th Feb- 29th March 2020

Based on North John Street, Six by Nico in Liverpool creates culinary experiences, inspired by delicious themes such as The Chippie, New York and now The Alps. Enjoy a six course tasting menu for only £29 per person. There is also a vegetarian menu available which is what we had the pleasure of trying this week.

Six by Nico Liverpool Restaurant

Based in the heart of the city centre, it’s so easy to find and is within walking distance from Moorfields Station. Alternatively, you can find parking quite easily near-by, both on the side of the road in marked parking bays or head to Liverpool One.

Six by Nico Liverpool

Six by Nico Liverpool The Alps Vegetarian Menu

This culinary menu has been inspired by the snow covered peaks of The Alps and the culture and cuisine that swarms this beautiful mountainous region. They have both a regular menu and a vegetarian menu available. We decided to go for the vegetarian menu as we’re trying to work our way up to becoming vegan.

The menu begins with Raclette Fondue, salt baked beetroot/ quince. Your server will explain in detail each dish, which was a lovely touch to our dining experience. This little pot is so naughty. A smooth consistency and you’ll find yourself pining for more. The salted beetroot really adds a punch.

Six by Nico Liverpool

Next we were presented with Valchiavenna Chestnut Gnocchi, pumpkin, horseradish emulsion, apple and dill dressing. This is a true comfort food and is very soft and creamy. The size is just enough to feel full without over doing it.

Six by Nico Liverpool

For course three, we were served Tartiflette, barbecue broccoli, pickled walnut, Reblochon cheese (above left). The presentation of this dish is quite beautiful and with an open kitchen, you can watch as the chefs prepare the dishes before you. Such skill and precious goes into each one. We almost feel bad for devouring it within minutes.

Next we were treated to Risotto Du Crozets, Hen of the Woods mushroom, truffle, pesto bianco (above centre).  This dish reminds us of Lebanon, with garlic yoghurt and thick risotto.

After this, we dug into Black Garlic Cappelletti, potato and fermented black garlic cappelletti, roasted hipsi cabbage, Champagne vinegar dressing (above right). A softer flavour which was a nice finish to the savoury dishes.

Six by Nico Liverpool

Last but not least, the dessert. Of course, it had to be snowballs. How can anyone think of skiing in The Alps without a snowball or perhaps a snowman coming to mind. Coconut and pistachio parfait, passion fruit caramel, char grilled pineapple. Wow, they are yummy indeed and perhaps paired with a coffee would be even better. I’ve always been a fan of grilled pineapple and you don’t usually find that in desserts these days, so it was a delicious surprise.

Six by Nico in Liverpool is certainly a great culinary adventure and we would highly recommend to Liverpool foodies. We still can’t quite believe how affordable it really is for such quality and presentation of each dish. Seriously, if you’ve not been yet, add Six by Nico to your list and make sure to try their brand new The Alps dining experience before it’s too late!




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