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Twitch offers free online games that you can play at home and with friends online. Now Bongos Bingo Liverpool are giving you the chance to win a trip to LA by playing on Twitch.

Twitch Bongo Bingo Liverpool Live


Teaming up with PrettyLittleThing, Bongos Bingo are hosting a special edition stream on Saturday the 18th of April at 8pm on Twitch. On Saturday night, get ready for an incredible night in. Play free online games of Bongos Bingo and join over 1 million people streaming the bingo show on Twitch.

So far Bongos Bingo have successfully raised thousands of pounds for the NHS and this special edition will be in addition to PrettyLittleThing’s current work with local and national NHS charities.


Bongo Bingo on Twitch – Free to Play 


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Win a Trip to LA on Twitch with Bongo Bingo & PLT

Fancy winning a trip to LA? That’s right, PrettyLittleThing has donated a trip to LA as the main winner’s prize on Twitch, worth over £4,000 and redeemable in 2021. The Bongos Bingo prize can be won by playing the game on Twitch, and includes flights, accommodation, a full PrettyLittleThing wardrobe and spending money.
This is the biggest prize Bongos Bingo have ever had on the show to date! PrettyLittleThing are also donating clothes to the Manchester Foundation Trust, supplying 1500 clothing samples to NHS Front line staff.

The live streams on Twitch are a crazy combination channelling the energy and chaos of the well-known Bongo’s Bingo shows, including Jim’s quiz, celebrity call-ins, dares, random moments and more. All in a wild two hours broadcast from a hastily made studio in Liverpool. And after a wild few weeks, the guys will be taking a break from the streams after Saturday’s show – more news to follow soon.
Famed for its magic and mayhem which is much needed during the crisis, stream the Bongo’s Bingo special on Twitch.TV this Saturday 18th April live at 8pm.

Bongo Bingo on Twitch – Free to Play 

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How to Play Bongo Bingo Live on Twitch

To play Bongos Bingo live on Twitch you will need:

  • UK registered mobile phone
  • A pen and some paper
  • Internet connection

Yes, that’s it. This super easy to play online gaming platform, allows thousands of people to play a game of Bongos Bingo live and together.

How does Bongos Bingo work on Twitch?

Using your mobile number, find your unique bingo numbers.

Step 1:

To generate your unique numbers, exclude the first ‘0’ from your telephone number.

Step 2:

Group the remaining 10 numbers into 5 x 2 digit numbers e.g. 78 – 32 – 82 – 06 – 13

Step 3:

Write your numbers down on some paper and then mark them off as they are called.

If you have a number such as 00 or 90, don’t worry, Bongos Bingo have carefully adapted their bingo machine to go all the way from 0 to 99. If you have a duplicate number, increase the duplicate number by 1. For example, 06-06 would become – 06 – 07.

If all of your numbers are called, text BINGO & YOUR NAME & LOCATION to 07517 386930. “BINGO” must be sent from the winning telephone number!


Bongo Bingo on Twitch – Free to Play 

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