A Cheesy Feast Made in Heaven: Unlock Liverpool visits Red Dog Saloon

Red Dog Saloon has sat on Bold Street for a number of years now, taunting passers-by with the mouthwatering smells of meat smoked low n slow. It’s the kind of place you want to visit if a) you’re really, really hungry and b) you’re not a vegetarian. Their menu is inspired by much-loved, indulgent American dishes such as mega stacked burgers, chicken wings, mac n cheese, loaded fries and, of course, bbq’d meat. Wash it all down with an Oreo milkshake, or, of course, a bourbon filled cocktail and leave with unbuttoned jeans and BBQ sauce on your top.

We headed into Red Dog with rumbling bellies on a Friday night after work, drooling over the smell of freshly cooked American grub, and the overwhelming choice of delicious sounding dishes on the menu. We sat down on saloon style benches opted for the refillable ice tea (one peach one lemon) and set to work on what to order. As well as a variety of different slow cooked meat options (brisket, chicken on the bone and racks of ribs), including a combo plate with bonus sides, the sheer choice of indulgent burgers really make this menu unmissable. From classic Reuben flavours to a chilli topped Mexican variety and even the ‘Gooey Louis’ which not only included beef patties but also mozzarella sticks, we were super spoilt for choice. Having heard amazing things from previous diners (and witnessed unbelievable Instagram food porn) we went for the Philly cheeseburger in a triple patty.

The menu at Red Dog Saloon has so many tempting side dishes (not to mention heavily loaded fries) we decided to go for one burger and a variety of ‘smaller’ plates, kind of like an American style tapas, if you will. We opted for mozzarella dippers (of course), buffalo wings, brisket mac and a big old basket of chicken and bacon ranch fries. A feast fit for two very hungry customers.

Our dishes arrived in a good amount of time and before long our table likened to a scene of Man V Food – it was time to dig in. First up were the ranch fries – sitting loud and proud on the table. Crispy french fries topped with strips of fried chicken, crispy bacon and a super tasty ranch sauce. Not only was the whole thing totally delicious, the topping was generous. Sometimes loaded fries can often be a big plate of fries without much in the way of topping but, take it from me, these bad boys were loaded. Next was the creme de la creme – the triple patty philly cheeseburger. This was honestly melt in the mouth amazing, with the combination of a soft brioche bun and medium cooked patty oozing with American cheese and burger sauce just making for the perfect burger. Eating spicy buffalo wings in between bites of burger – I really was in foodie heaven.

If there wasn’t enough cheese on our burger, we definitely got our cheese fix with our next side dishes. Super creamy, rich mac and cheese topped with salty pieces of beef brisket and huge, super size mozzarella dippers, packed full of super stringy cheese – spiced up just a touch with a tangy tomato salsa. Just delicious.

Having demolished almost every dish on the menu (and drank numerous pints of ice tea) we simply had no room left for dessert. However, with the menu featuring Missisipi ice cream cake and Oreo fudge pie – there is simply no question about us returning very soon.

If your mouth isn’t already watering, get yourself down to Red Dog Saloon to give these guys a go for yourself – whether you’re into amazing quality, slow cooked meat or prefer to indulge in cheese and ridiculous burger stacks, there’s no doubt at all that you’ll enjoy your visit. Just wear stretchy pants.

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