Sunday’s at Cains: Dockleaf Bar Introduces New Roast Dinner Menu

Is there anything better than a hearty roast dinner, all the trimmings and too much dessert on a Sunday afternoon? And better still, a hearty roast dinner, all the trimmings and too much dessert washed down with a several spritz cocktails? The simple answer is no, and last week Dockleaf turned this dream into a delicious reality by inviting us to the launch of their band new roast dinner menu, pigs in blankets and all. It’s probably obvious how we got on considering there was cauliflower cheese AND sticky toffee pudding involved, but we’re gonna tell you anyway. Warning: will most definitely cause sudden hunger.

If there’s anywhere that’s going to produce the perfect setting to enjoy a traditional Sunday lunch, it’s Dockleaf bar. The interior has all the vibes and feels of a traditional pub setting (including the match on the TV) but is combined with stylish accents of green potted plants and quirky bench style seating which pays perfecf homage to the overall trendy reputation that Cains brewery now has. It is a perfect mixture of vintage contemporary and, come rain or shine, this Botanical haven is just the perfect place to scoff down your dinner on a Sunday.

Dockleaf’s cocktail and drinks offering tell the tales of times gone by, with the bar itself keeping a traditional appearance. However, despite the vintage appearance, the cocktail selection is inventive and carefully put together, with drinks like Bloody Cobblers, Mimosas and Prosecco Spritz, all an ideal hair of the dog before dinner.

After sippin’ on Spritz and soaking in the joyous, laid back and somewhat nostalgic vibes of Dockleaf itself, the main event arrived – swimming in gravy. I went for the veggie option, roasted butternut squash topped with sage and onion stuffing. For our second dish, we opted for the chicken supreme – deliciously roasted chicken on the bone (if only WordPress had a ‘scratch n sniff’ type feature). Each roast dinner was served with carrots, blanched cabbage and a mountain of crispy roast potatoes. On the side, we got one of everything (obvs), which included deliciously crisp honey and mustard roasted parsnips, creamy, rich cauliflower cheese and, wait for it, pigs in blankets and a mini pot of Cranberry sauce. yes I did just say that. First of all, as roast dinners go, this was UP THERE with the best i’ve tried. Hearty, rustic, belly-warming, our meals had all of the characteristics of proper homemade grub, and, better still, each dish came with a little jug of EXTRA GRAVY, we were in potato dunkin’ heaven.

Moving swiftly onto dessert (yes, we had room) we were transported straight back to our childhood with a Sticky Toffee Pudding and A Jam Sponge with custard. The super dense slab of sticky toffee was covered in a layer of thick, rich icing with toffee sauce poured over and vanilla ice cream on the side, an oldie but a goodie and the ultimate winner when it comes to old school desserts. Our jam sponge was also delicious, topped with a tart berry compote to add a slight bite to the sweetness of the pudding. We practically licked the bowls.

Next time you’re making the distressing decision of where to get your next Sunday dinner, consider heading into Cains Brewery and right through to Dockleaf, pick a pew, enjoy a roast as good as your mum’s and just soak up the wonder of Sunday’s.

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