3D Printed Face Masks Liverpool – James McConville

An operation to manufacture 3D Printed Face Masks in Liverpool is underway thanks to James McConville.

James McConville ,from Liverpool, has begun to manufacture 3D printed face masks for Liverpool GPs, paramedics, doctors and nurses. Designed to shield front line workers from Coronavirus and other infections, the face shields are in high demand for those in desperate need of protection. So far James has managed to deliver 85 face shields to frontline healthcare workers such as paramedics, hospitals and GP surgeries with another 22 due to be delivered.

GPs who are being called out to homes of patients with COVID_19 symptoms, are in need of additional safety equipment to protect themselves and their families from becoming infected too.

James McConville said ‘I know there are a lot of people like police officers, carers, shop workers and cleaners that are getting impatient because they’re still waiting on face shields but believe me when I tell you, if we don’t protect these frontline healthcare workers, there might not be enough of them left healthy to care for you or your loved ones when you’re sick. Today we managed to get another 22 face shields out to GPs and paramedics who are in desperate need of them.’

Do You Have a 3D Printer?

With such a high demand for these specific face masks or face shields, James is in need of more support. James previously stayed up for 32 hours straight running his 3D printer around the clock to make as many face masks as he could for those who need them.

Currently James can’t make the face masks fast enough, with just one single 3D printer. Each Liverpool face mask takes 1 hour to print with assembly time on top of that. The main thing James needs is more 3D printers.

James is asking for anyone who has a 3D printer to come and join him and help produce more 3D face masks for Liverpool paramedics, doctors, nurses and other front line workers. With more 3D printers, James will be able to produce more face masks and protect more people in Liverpool. If you have a 3D printer at home whether you know how to use it or not, we urge you to contact James immediately on Facebook.

Message James McConville on Facebook 

Or, if you can provide James with funding to buy additional 3D printers, that would also help him to increase his production and make more face masks for Liverpool healthcare workers.

Please only contact James on Facebook if you have a 3D printer or would like to help him to purchase more 3D printers.

At the moment, James is inundated with messages of support from friends, family and Liverpool locals but it is 3D printers that James requires to increase production and get these life saving face masks to the NHS and beyond.


During difficult and challenging times like this, people have a choice to make, help or harm. We’ve sadly heard of a few sad stories of people taking advantage of vulnerable people during isolation but when you hear of such an inspiring and incredible story like this, it really restores your faith in mankind. James, you’re a true Liverpool hero!


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