Dogs Trust Merseyside Thank Locals For Support

Dogs Trust Merseyside Thank Liverpool Locals. It’s well known that Liverpool has a love for four legged friends and during these difficult times, our love for dogs has only grown stronger.

Dogs Trust Merseyside

Dogs Trust is the UK’s largest dog welfare charity and wants to say a massive thank you to Liverpool during these difficult times. Dogs Trust Merseyside has been inundated with offers to foster our dogs, to drop off donations and even offers of cakes and chocolates for our hard-working staff who continue to show up for the dogs who need them in these difficult times.

At the moment the charity can’t accept these wonderful gestures due to limited social interaction and to protect the staff and the animals at the centre, but please be assured that the support is very much at the forefront of their minds. If you would like to support Dogs Trust Merseyside, they ask only for donations on the website as this limits any social interactions with the public and protects all involved.

Make a Dogs Trust Merseyside Donations 

Dogs Trust Merseyside

Dog Social Distancing at Dogs Trust Merseyside

The staff at the centre will continue to care for the dogs, give them all the love, attention and training they need, while also making sure they’re working at a safe distance from each other.

It will certainly be quieter without visits from the dog loving public, but Dogs Trust Merseyside promise that they will open their doors again as soon as they can and are looking into ways that they can do this as a matter of urgency.

They are coping well at the moment, but know it is likely that there may be an increase in demand for their services in the coming weeks, especially with older owners.

Although they are unsure how long the centre will be closed for, if anyone does want to support their work caring for dogs in the current crisis, please go to our website and help with a donation; it would make a big difference.

Dogs Trust Merseyside can accept online donations from members of the public. To make a donations to Dogs Trust, please do this here.

Dogs Trust Merseyside

Stray & Abandoned Dogs at Dogs Trust Merseyside

When the country is faced with a difficult situation like the one we are experiencing now, many families struggle financially which can lead to them abandoning their pets. Dogs Trust are caring for almost 1,400 stray and abandoned dogs during these difficult times and would appreciate greatly anyone able to provide a donation no matter how big or small it may be.

If you would like to support Dogs Trust Merseyside by fostering a dog, you can find out more information about their Freedom Project. 

Dogs Trust Merseyside

Dogs and Coronavirus 

Dogs Trust Merseyside would like to make clear to the public that there is currently no evidence that the virus responsible for COVID-19 can be transmitted from dogs to humans or vice versa, but they will continue to monitor this and take guidance from the World Health Organisation.

If you can concerned about how to look after your dog if you need to self-isolate, take a look at their top tips on keeping dogs happy and active at home.

Dogs Trust Merseyside

Top Tips for Dogs at Home – Dogs Trust Merseyside

  1. Have a treasure hunt – hide some of your dog’s favourite treats in different rooms around the house and see how quickly they manage to locate them.
  2. Play their favourite game – Catch? Fetch? Tug of war? They’re all great fun to your dog! Show them some love by spending time playing their favourite game with them.
  3. Make them their very own Snuffle Mat! – A snuffle mat is an enrichment toy that encourages your dog to sniff and search out hidden treats amongst the mat.
  4. Build them a Doggy Den – has your dog’s bed been looking pretty well lived in recently? Create your furry friend a cosy, comfortable place to sleep.
  5. Teach them some new tricks! With our easy to follow Dog School videos

When caring for a dog it is important to remember that basic hygiene is key. This includes washing your hands before and after handling them, as well as avoiding kissing, being licked or sharing food. If you have tested positive for Coronavirus we would recommend limiting physical contact with your dog as much as possible too – as hard as it may be.

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