A Q&A with Pilgrim Liverpool

They had their soft launch over the weekend and are officially opened for business today! We grabbed a quick five minutes with guys of the moment – the brains behind Liverpool’s brand new restaurant, situated in the heart of Duke Street Market.

In case you didn’t know, the concept of Pilgrim is based on an ancient pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela in Galicia which has taken place since the 9th century. With starting points in France, Spain and Portugal, Pilgrim aims to be so much more than just another typical Spanish restaurant. Radically seasonal, ethically sourced regional produce with a big focus on live-fire flavour, the reasonably priced restaurant will be a new staple of Liverpool’s vibrant and burgeoning food scene. Whilst the 40 covers restaurant will offer a unique dining experience, the bar overlooking the open kitchen will be the buzzing focal point of the venue, set on a mezzanine and sunny terrace, all overlooking a bustling food and drink market with.

Now, onto the questions:

Where did the idea for Pilgrim come from? 

Jamie Duffield walked the Camino De Santiago in 2017 and it was on his pilgrimage that the idea for Pilgrim was born.?

– What are your favourite dishes from the menu? 

We will be cooking everything over fire with sustainably sourced wood and the flavours this imparts on the food really is something special, so we think the whole menu is pretty special, but favourites would have to be the wood-fired octopus tentacle with guindilla pepper salsa or the aged ex-dairy cow beef with bone marrow and mojo verde. The smokey-barbecue flavour of the octopus with the zingy salsa are a perfect match and the flavour of the beef are incredible.?

– What kind of flavours can we expect from the Pilgrim menu? 

While predominantly a Spanish restaurant, the Camino de Santiago has multiple starting points all across the Iberian Peninsula, so there will be French and Portuguese flavours on the menu too, all cooked over wood charcoal on our huge live-fire hearth.

– Will there be signature cocktails? 

Absolutely, we have an extensive drinks list with our own take on some of the classics including a Negroni made with Spanish Fino sherry and a pine-infused martini. ?

– How often are you planning on adding new dishes to the menu? 

With over 12 established and well-traveled routes of the Camino de Santiago we will have a constantly rotating and evolving menu that focuses on peak-season produce. Some things may be on the menu for a month while others may only be on for a few days. ?

– Who else are you excited to try out in the Duke Street Market? All of it! There is a great line up of food and drinks on offer and we can’t wait to sample it all.

– If you could eat one food for the rest of your life, what would it be? 

Spanish Iberico Jamon.

Pilgrim is now open for business and it wont be long before we’re down to try it out! You can try it out for yourself now, book your table here.

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