The Best Pizza in Liverpool

Being part Italian myself, pizza is a dish very close to my heart. From stone baked to authentic Nepalese pizza, here at Unlock Liverpool, we like to think that we know a thing or two about a thin crust. You have to admit, that there is something quite special about a pizza. Not only is it a much loved comfort food but it can quickly bring people together. Helping ourselves to a slice or two at Santa Maluco on Castle Street, we finally found Liverpool’s best pizza.

Santa Maluco Liverpool

A couple of months ago, one of our team went vegan and ever since it has been a quest to find a restaurant that can accommodate him. Dropping by Santa Maluco after work, we were shocked to find Vegan Pizza on the menu. Surely it can’t be! A freshly prepared pizza, with cheese…yes I said cheese and completely vegan! My friends, we are not kidding when we say that vegan pizza is a reality in Liverpool. The pizza arrived at our table after a couple of minutes and I think it’s safe to say that it didn’t last very long.

Vegan Pizza Liverpool

Vegan cheese is absolutely delicious. Who knows what it’s made of and frankly who cares? If you’re vegan or you’re watching your weight over the festive period this is a god send. Santa Maluco even dedicate a whole day to vegan dishes so Liverpool foodies can enjoy Liverpool’s best pizzeria together. Find out more about Vegan Mondays at Santa Maluco. The team tailored our pizza to our taste and recommended a side of olives to compliment the flavours. Good shout guys!

Cocktails at Santa Maluco

After finishing off the vegan pizza, we ended our meal with two cocktails. Featuring Jack Daniel’s, you could certainly taste the warm and comforting flavour of the whiskey. The cocktails were part of the TN Calling II campaign. The setting in Santa Maluco’s is very laid back and inviting and with this atmosphere on a Friday night, it was a pleasure relaxing after our meal in the middle of the busy restaurant. The perfect end to our night, we will be back very soon.


Thank you to Santa Maluco for inviting the Unlock Liverpool team to sample vegan pizza and Jack Daniel’s cocktails, we really enjoyed the night and will be back very soon.

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