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Rudy’s pizza has been open on Castle Street for a good few months now, following the success of their Manchester restaurants. With their simple, authentic menu paying homage to the classic flavours and tastes of Naples, in the eyes of some, they have quickly earned themselves the title of ‘best pizza in Liverpool’. Previously, Rudy’s were a walk in restaurant only, but due to popularity have now decided to take pizza lover’s reservation requests. Book your table now!

Ahead of the stream of weekend reservations that will no doubt pour in soon (this place is THAT good) we thought we’d book a table and head in for some pizza. Just by walking in, and before you even get to the food and the menu, you know that Rudy’s is cool. From its authentic decor combined with minimalistic bare wood and a pop of colour, it’s simplistic, contemporary approach resonates with its menu, that consists of a handful of pizzas, focussing not on crazy, inventive toppings, but instead, authenticity and quality (with a few pizza specials thrown in for good measure).

Hungry to tuck in, we ordered gins with refreshing san Pellegrino tonic (there are a fab range of cocktails to choose from) and the – we made this vegetarian by skipping the proscuitto and adding extra buffalo mozzarella and it was a delight. Warm crusty bread drizzled with olive oil, a rocket salad and soft, melty mozzarella. For our mains we went with two classic flavours, with added sundried tomatoes and the. As a result of Rudy’s only carefully cooking their dough for a matter of minutes, our pizza’s arrived fairly quickly looking at fresh as ever, topped with bubbly cheese and a ever-so -slightly charcoaled crust. We requested garlic oil to dip our crusts (as recommended by our lovely waitress) and dug in.

I’d be lying if i said it wasn’t the nicest pizza id had in a long time. A soft, but not too dough-y base, a sweet, tangy sauce on our tomato base and a deliciously creamy, subtle flavour on our white pizza, with a generous helping of toppings. The paper thin dough just melted in the mouth, making even the crusts completely irresistible. I couldn’t think of a better way to enjoy a Saturday night (or any evening for that matter) than sippin’ on a g+t and tucking into a pizza this good. After demolishing a copious amount of mozzarella we were unfortunately too full for their delicious Italian dessert but have heard fantastic things about their ice cream and homemade tiramisu, so will be back in due course to give them a whirl.

You might be a huge fan of Rudy’s, or you might have never visited before. Either way, one thing you wont regret, is reserving a table and heading in to enjoy one of the most sublime pizzas on the foodie scene today. Seriously give it a go, it’s now an absolute Liverpool must.

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