Castle Street Coffee launches in Santa Maluco

After Bold Street coffee experienced issues in their current property last year, they set up temporarily in everyone’s favourite pizza hangout: Santa Maluco, serving their legendary coffee and a bangin’ brunch. Now, they’ve relocated back to where they belong (Bold Street) but left behind a hungry Castle Street, yearning for a decent brunch and a good cup of coffee. Behold: Castle Street Coffee. We went down to see if it lived up to expectations.

There is something ridiculously cool about Santa Maluco, at any time of day. Graffiti stained walls, long wooden tables and old-school classroom style chairs, it’s a truly unique place to enjoy pizza, brunch, cocktails and even just a coffee. Of course, a lazy Sunday morning here has a totally different vibe to a five-dollar shake fuelled Saturday night, but the transition is done perfectly. With chilled out music on the speakers and the sun shining through its big windows, there’s few better venues to enjoy a Sunday morning brunch. After being seated and ordering two Americano’s, we set to work on the Castle Street Coffee brunch menu – a healthy selection of both sweet and savoury options, without being overwhelming. From pancakes and porridge to baked eggs and the full works, we were definitely spoilt for choice.

We decided on a warm bowl of the castle street porridge with fruit, fruit compote nuts and seeds, a bowl of fresh fruit and yoghurt, creamy mushrooms on toast and the CSC breakfast – the full works with home made beans and a hash brown (we swapped our egg for avocado but there are a list of additions you can add to the dish including eggs, extra mushrooms and extra hash browns). Our breakfast arrived after enough time to leisurely sip a sunday coffee without being too hungry and it looked delicious. Creamy, garlicky mushrooms piled high on a slice of thick sourdough toast, a plate of sausage, bacon, homemade beans and all the workings of a full english, plus natural yoghurt and porridge each piled with a generous portion of fruit.

The standout dish of the morning had to be the mushrooms on toast, a dish packed full of garlicky goodness, stacked high on doorstop toast. The CSC was a close second with a delicious helping of homemade beans, there was, however, no hash brown, which was either forgotten or totally neglected. Whilst this didn’t take away from the overall, delicious flavour of the dish, it might have been a problem for someone that deems a hash brown to be an important part of their Sunday morning. Awol hash brown aside, we had a delicious breakfast, with sweet, hot porridge and indulgent, velvety yoghurt and honey, finishing it off nicely.

Whether you’re after the full works on a Sunday morning, a quick and nutritious bowl of porridge to start your day before work or even just that much needed take out coffee, don’t hesitate to pay a visit to Castle Street coffee – you won’t be disappointed. Now open in 7 days a week in Santa Maluco!

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