Chinese New Year Liverpool 2020

Celebrate Chinese New Year in Liverpool and ring in the Year of the Rat 2020. Here are all the details you need to know to celebrate Chinese New Year in Liverpool this January.

Chinese New Year Liverpool 2020

When is Chinese New Year 2020?

11am till 5pm on Sunday 26th January , Liverpool will be celebrating the Year of the Rat in style. You may notice beautiful red Chinese lanterns popping up around Liverpool’s Chinatown as Sunday the 26th January gets closer.

Chinese New Year Liverpool 2020

Where is Chinese New Year in Liverpool?

Head to Chinatown in Liverpool and stand close to the Chinatown gate. This will be a great spot to catch the performances throughout the day. There will also be a Chinese New Year market at George Street where you can pick up some Chinese gifts as well as sample some delicious Chinese food.

Chinese New Year Liverpool 2020

What’s the plans for Chinese New Year in Liverpool?

The festivities will kick off at 11am with street performances taking place around Chinatown at 12pm, 2pm and 4pm. The event is FREE to the public and you can expect firecrackers, a Chinese dragon and even a unicorn. There will be plenty of family activities taking place at the dedicated Family Zone at Great George Square from 11:30am to 4:30pm.

Chinese New Year Liverpool 2020

Great George Square Stage Event Details:

11:30-12:!5 Kwong Tam School of Tai Chi

12:20-13:00 Pagoda Arts- Flower Drums, Fan Tai Chi, Dance & Happy Dance

13:05-13:45 Firecracker Display- Lucky Man, Dragon & Unicorn Parades

13:45-14:00 Liverpool Hung Gar Kung Fu Friendship Association- Martial Arts Demonstration

14:00-14:20 Wah Sing Chinese Community Center Dancers- Traditional Chinese Dance

14:20- 14:25 Friendship Dancers

14:25- 14:30 UK Phoenix Qipao Chinese Cultural & Art Association

14:35- 14:55 24 Festival Drums, Liverpool Guild of Students

15:00-15:10 Movema Dance

15:10-15:!5 Friendship Dancers- Chinese Fan Dance

15:5-15:25 Wirral Chinese Association- Traditional Chinese Dance

15:25-15:35 North East Wales Chinese Women’s Association – Traditional Chinese Dance

15:40-16:30 Everyman Playhouse & Liverpool Confucius Institute – Showcase of Traditional & Contemporary Music, Dance and Song by Chinese Students

16:30 Close

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  1. It is so nice to learn that there is are celebrations going on in the city. A lovely variety of dance, music, costume, drama, poetry, artwork, chinoiserie, culture, tradition, meaning, understanding, diversity, inclusivity, education and of course getting the job done but in the right way. It is great to witness lots of volunteers who have given their time and skills to honour the occasion. The decorations are fab, the food gorgeous, and the people well folksy and homely. Much gratitude is due to the people who have planned and organised the event and have presented a selection of different events for each and everyone regardless of ability, status or background to take part in the festivities and make it a great day out for all. Well done and let’s hope that we all take something from this and out it to practice in our lives. Felicitations. Keep it locked.

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