Devils Bridge Waterfalls in Wales – Things To Do in Wales

devil's bridge waterfalls

Devil’s Bridge Waterfalls in Wales is one of the best things to do in Wales. The ideal overnight trip from Liverpool that will not only burn calories but also provide an incredible backdrop for a romantic picnic too. Here’s everything you need to know about Devil’s Bridge in Wales.

devil's bridge waterfalls

Where is Devil’s Bridge?

Devil’s Bridge is a place of natural beauty in the heart of the welsh countryside. Not too far from Snowdonia National Park, Devil’s Bridge offers plenty to see and do. This pretty village is on the A4120 road and is on the edge of Ceredigion, Wales. The waterfalls in Wales are pretty easy to find if you search the following postcode:  SY23 3JW

Alternatively, search for Hafod Hotel in North Wales and you’ll arrive directly outside the waterfall park.

To get to Devil’s Bridge from Liverpool, it’s around 3 hours 20 minutes by car and there are plenty of places to stop for a bite to eat or for a quick toilet stop along the way. Especially handy if you’re travelling with children or you need a coffee break.

devil's bridge waterfalls

How to Get to Devil’s Bridge Waterfalls in Wales?

After you travel to Devil’s Bridge waterfalls, you’ll be looking for a place to park. If you’re staying in a local hotel or airbnb they may have a carpark or parking space available to you, otherwise here are some great places to park and explore Devil’s Bridge waterfalls in Wales.

  • Devil’s Bridge Waterfall Carpark: Free and can accommodate around 40 cars.
  • Woodlands Tearoom Carpark: Enjoy tea and cakes before heading to the waterfall
  • Hafod Hotel Carpark: Up a hill but offers plenty of places to park
  • Train Station Carpark : Payment may be required

All of the above carparks are within a five minute walk from the entrance to the waterfalls.

devil's bridge waterfalls

How Much is Devil’s Bridge?

Yes, you do need to pay at the entrance to this waterfall in Wales, but it’s very affordable and well worth the money.

Adults: £4

Senior citizens: £3.50

Children: £3.50

devil's bridge waterfalls

Where to Stay in Devil’s Bridge?

We highly recommend an overnight trip to explore the waterfalls in Wales. On arrival, enjoy a leisurely walk down to the bottom of the waterfall and stop for a picnic under a wooden pagoda with a panoramic view of the waterfalls.  After this, you’ll face a hike back up to the top which may leave you out of breath especially during the warmer months of the year. You’ll definitely be in need of a shower and a hearty meal so why not book a stay at Hafod Hotel at the entrance to Devil’s Bridge waterfalls. This beautiful hotel offers outdoor dining and modern newly renovated superior double rooms. Dine at their on-site restaurant for a delicious way to end your day at Devil’s Bridge waterfalls.

Book a stay at Hafod Hotel here.

devil's bridge waterfalls

Plan a Romantic Waterfalls in Wales Picnic

One of the best things to do in Wales is to prepare a picnic before you travel. When you discover a beautiful and quiet spot in the Welsh countryside, you can spend quality time together, taking in the landscape and enjoying some sandwiches, fresh fruit and perhaps a glass of wine. We decided to pack a whole watermelon, some humous, sandwiches and a bottle of Champagne and trek down the waterfall to the pagoda. Even though it was a hot sunny day with tourists everywhere, this spot was empty and we had an incredible and romantic place for our picnic.

However, if you do find the pagoda occupied, there are other places to enjoy a picnic as you head down. 200 meters from the start of the walk, there are a couple of picnic benches, and as you head further towards the waterfall, there are more places to sit and rest.

devil's bridge waterfalls

Make a Wish at the Waterfall

As you walk down to the waterfall, you might come across a tree and tree stump with coins from around the world dug into the bark. We aren’t quite sure about the story behind this unexpected sight, but we assume it’s a type of wishing well. So, if you want to take part, make sure to take a couple of coins down and make a wish before securing your penny into the tree. If you’re struggling, use a stone to make sure your coin won’t fall out when you turn your back.

Can I Take Dog?

Yes dogs are allowed at Devil’s Bridge waterfalls although they must be kept on a lead. During the summer months, it may be too hot for dogs to be out and about and with so many steps they may become too hot, so please be careful.

How Difficult is the Hike?

For anyone who has difficulty walking, this is not the place for you unfortunately as the park has rough terrain and over 600 steep steps. It is also not possible to take a pushchair or wheelchair on the nature trail. The route is challenging but there are a lot of places to stop and rest so feel free to take your time and walk at your own pace.

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