Go Ape Delamere forest review – Overcome your fear of heights

Delamere forest is a place that I have walked through a number of times in awe, fully appreciating the nature and the beauty of this forest.

I always saw the signage for Go Ape and gazed up at people climbing the course thinking it was so much fun but I would never as I’m terrified of heights. We were walking through once and my daughter really wanted to try it (she’s 3) so I thought I would overcome my fear and book it.

At first, I wasn’t sure how it would work as it looked terrifying for me as an adult never mind a 3-year-old, but once we had finished the first round I was running over to the beginning of the course to do it again.  If you have been apprehensive about booking I really recommend you take the plunge and book right away.

Delamere go ape adventure

Getting there?

We were so lucky to have such gorgeous weather for it, but I think we would’ve equally enjoyed our day had it been raining. There is a bit of construction work going on at Delamere forest and it’s very close to where Go Ape is situated, but don’t let that put you off as the car park is around a 2-minute walk from Go Ape.

Arrows are placed from the car park to guide you to Go Ape and they recommend that you give yourself 30 minutes if you’ve never been and are a little unfamiliar with the location. (If you enter Go Ape into your phone sat nav it should direct you straight to the car park).

Go Ape Delamere adventure

COVID-19, PPE and Safety

Safety first! I was very impressed by Go Ape’s approach to COVID-19 and social distancing. Signs had been put into place before you enter and while you are queuing, floor marks are in place to make sure you keep 2m apart from anyone not in your group and shields have been put up at reception.

All staff were wearing full PPE and we were all briefed on staying away from anyone that’s not in our group, the number of people in at once has been limited and only 2 people were allowed at a time on the crossings.

What happened?

We waited for around 5 minutes, then a lady came to get our group and fit the harness making sure it was securely fastened.

Once our harness was securely fitted we got into a circle (2m apart from other groups)  where we were briefed on safety and were shown what to do and how.

After that, we all got a practice go on a mini-course (on the ground)  where we were talked through exactly what to do and how. They have one important rule which is, ‘Do not swing the metal piece that is attached to your harness’.  Once we had a practice we were ready to get into the swing of things.

Go Ape Delamere adventure

Tree Top Adventure

Go Ape Delamere have different courses with different difficulties and adventures.

Click here for more info on these following challenges:

  • Tree Top Adventure
  • Tree Top Challenge
  • Forest Segway

Our Adventure

I chose the treetop adventure as it was the best course for children under 6 and probably for us as first-time climbers too. We have no experience with climbing but we went straight in, you get a choice in difficulty we obviously chose the easy route, to begin with. As soon as we finished the easy route we found ourselves running to try the more difficult route.

The difference between them both is that on the easier route you could hang on to a wire which was next to you. But, on the difficult route you would have to hang on to your harness, the course itself was a lot more of a challenge than the first course but they both finished with a zip wire which was a lot of fun.

Go Ape Delamere adventure


  • Wear active clothes, ones that you can easily bend and stretch in.
  • Tie your hair up if it’s long.
  • You will sweat.
  • Trainers with a good grip are essential for getting around the course, Go Ape do not allow sandals etc.
  • Do not bring anything precious to you. If you take your phone up. make sure you have pockets and that they are secure.
  • Bring gloves, but if you do forget you can buy them at the reception (I think I paid £3.50 for kids and around the same for adult ones).
  • Cover stomach area as the harness will rub.
  • No toilets at go ape so make sure you go before you enter.
  • Dress for the weather, take a mac if it’s raining.
Go ape

The challenge

If you have ever overcome a fear then you will know that sense of accomplishment you get once you have finished.

Even though my 3-year-old was a lot braver than I was I felt very proud of both of us. Once I started climbing I thought ‘don’t look down’ and ‘help your child’. Once we got into the swing of things I realised that we are actually very secure so even if we fell we would be safe (I also realised that children don’t have a sense of fear).

Jokes aside, once all the nerves go and all of the feel-good endorphins kick in, before you know it you have completed the course and overcome your fear of heights.

Should you book?

Whether you’re a thrill-seeker or a beginner I suggest that if you are able to then definitely give this a go, and if you are a pro at climbing then try the more challenging courses.  This experience has pushed me to do things out of my comfort zone and have fun doing something different with family and friends.

Book here.

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