Dizzy Kids’ Liam Sealeaf Talks to Unlock Liverpool

Dizzy Kids, Liam Sealeaf recently performed at Kryptk’s opening night in Passion. Reflecting on his performance, Liam tells Unlock Liverpool where it all began.

I’ve always been into music- my grandparents had a piano in their house when I was little, and I found myself constantly playing around on it.

Liam’s father encouraged him to share his own passion from an early age.

My Dad used to DJ in quite a few clubs in and around Liverpool. One day, he decided to store his equipment in my room and I couldn’t help myself. I wanted to play around with it, so I asked my dad to set it up. I remember the decks were Stanton, all in one CD players and a Behringer mixer. After he set it all up, for a whole month straight, I’d rush home and start playing around on them, recording mixes and listening back to see how good they were. I know it might sound big headed, but when I started to listen back to my work, I realised how good they really were, so I decided to try to land some local gigs myself.

Liam teamed up with DJ partner Richie Charles and formed the duo act Dizzy Kids, helping to land them further gigs in some of the biggest clubs in Liverpool.

We formed Dizzy Kids and started DJing in places like Garlands, Privilege, Boutique, Baa Bars and Envi. After this we managed to get our track “Make the Crowd Go” signed to Pop Rox Muzik in L.A.

If your’re willing to put in the time and effort into getting yourself out there and getting recognised, then I think there is definitely a chance for other artists to chase a life of music in Liverpool. Putting a mix on Soundcloud every so often isn’t going to get you noticed, you need to be more frequent with publishing new tracks.

*Listen to Liam’s Soundcloud here> Soundcloud.com/dizzykidsmusic

My advice to any artist in Liverpool trying to make it big on the music scene, is to set up and manage social media profiles and keep engagement high. Social media has played a huge part in my career so far, you’re able to reach such a wide audience and you can share your music online to the whole world. The cycle of building a fan-base is purely keeping on top of your posts and keeping people interested.

*Check out Dizzy Kid’s on Twitter – @dizzykidsmusic

Reach out to local bar and club managers and DJ promoters who can always help open doors for you! Even if they don’t book you, if they need a replacement they might give you a call and then you’re half way there.

With any passion, taking it to the next level takes time and dedication, something Liam knows all too well!

Practise, practice and practice! I’ve been DJing for years now and I’m still learning new things. You never really reach a point where you think you’re good enough, it’s a constant journey. If you want to be the best, you have to be on top of your game all the time!

In the next couple of years, we’re going to be looking out for this local DJ on the international stage. Watch this space!


Find more about Dizzy Kids and Liam Sealeaf by hitting the links below:

Soundcloud: Soundcloud.com/dizzykidsmusic
Facebook page: Facebook.com/dizzykidsmusic
Twitter: Twitter.com/dizzykidsmusic

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