Enter the World of Virtual Reality

Have you experienced, fully immersive virtual reality in Liverpool? No- what on earth are you waiting for? VR Here  based in Liverpool city-centre offers a range of incredible VR games from first shooter combat to playful animation for younger players, come down and try it out for yourself!


Say Hello to the Kat Walker VR

New to VR Here in Liverpool, the incredible Kat Walker VR allows for full immersive 360 play. Physically run through a virtual world and fight off enemies while having complete control over your virtual self. Watch our team test out Kat Walker VR from The VR Den.

Spend a Few Hours In a Virtual World

Even if you’re not into gaming, you will love virtual reality. Unlike PS4, Xbox or any other game console, virtual reality takes gaming to another level by allowing the player to have complete control over their movements and sight while playing. This gives the individual the feeling that you’re entering another world and believe me, once you enter, everything becomes way too real!


Walk the Plank

One of our favourite games in VR Here has got to be the Walk the Plank VR experience. Unlike a game with levels, Walk the Plank is solely an experience led game which leads the player to the top of a skyscraper via a lift. When the doors open, a wooden plank awaits you. Dare to step out onto the plank and look down. If you’re feeling brave enough, we dare you to JUMP! It almost always makes the player scream!


VR Here Liverpool

Birthday Parties in Liverpool

VR Here in Liverpool is the ultimate city-centre entertainment venue and is perfect to spend a couple of hours with your mates, playing virtual reality multi-player games. Whether you fancy taking your pals down for a couple of rounds of zombie apocalypse or you want to book in a unique date night session for you and your boyfriend, book VR Here online now. 

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