Family Day Out at Knowsley Safari

If you are looking for an action packed, family fun filled day out in Liverpool this summer then look no further than Knowsley safari. It has everything you could possibly want and need in one place.

We went to Knowsley Safari in Liverpool, for a family day out and it did not disappoint. We were so lucky to be able to see “The Great Brick Adventure” which is currently at the park until the 2nd of September 2019. There are 82 life sized Lego brick animals dotted around the park, which our kids absolutely loved.
Knowsley’s Ultimate Brick Safari
There is even an app that you can download for free and take selfies and videos with the Lego life sized animals at Knowsley Safari, which is such a great way to get the little ones really involved and learning more about the animals. To download the app click here.
Knowsley Safari Liverpool App
I can not begin to imagine the hard work that must have gone into making these incredible models but let me tell you that hard work is most definitely paying off judging by all the smiles we saw on the day.
Knowsley Safari Liverpool
They truly were amazing and we loved running along to the next one and being wowed each time. Make sure you don’t miss the Great Brick Adventure at Knowsley Safari. I promise they certainly do impress both adults and children.
Knowsley Safari Liverpool
At Knowsley Safari, you can either drive around the safari park and enter the monkey enclosure or you can skip this part and watch other drivers brave the route. It has to be the highlight of our trip. Getting up close to lions, zebras and rhinos is such a fantastic experience for children and also highly educational. Our little adventurers were so excited to spot lions and zebras just outside our car. We may of had the safety of our car and a close watching park ranger but the excitement still ran through us all. In fact the safari is 5 miles long, letting you explore and learn about animals from around the world.
Knowsley Safari Liverpool
The park offers a foot safari, fairground rides, a shop and a restaurant. They also have a wonderful animal display, Birds of Prey. We would highly recommend this show. We ducked, gasped and laughed the whole way through it. Our two year old daughter was so entertained and usually she can’t sit still.
We spent the whole day here and since we had such a great time together, we’re actually going to sign up for a yearly membership so that we can keep coming back and learning about wildlife and habitats. We would  100% recommend Knowsley Safari, it really is
perfect for a family day out we are so lucky to have this safari park in Liverpool. It was a massive thumbs up from all 3 children and even bigger from us parents.
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