Halloween Makeup Ideas From Liveprool MUAs

13 Spooktacular Halloween Makeup Ideas From Liverpool MUAs

When it comes to Halloween, costumes are essential, but it’s the makeup that takes your look to the next level. Liverpool is home to some incredibly talented makeup artists (MUAs) who can transform you into a spooky masterpiece. We’ve scoured Instagram and TikTok to find 13 Liverpool-based MUAs who are sharing their incredible Halloween makeup ideas. Whether you’re aiming to be a glamorous ghoul or a terrifying zombie, these MUAs have you covered.

Halloween Makeup IdeasAimee Elizabeth

  • Instagram @aimee_elizabethmakeup
  • Featured Look: Aimee’s account is a colourful haven of makeup that delightfully treats the skin as a canvas to be decorated. Our favourite is her glamorous take on the Queen of Hearts – a bold, sparkling finish with the authority of well-defined eyes and a strongly shaped brow and lip.

Halloween Makeup Ideas

Olivia Magee

  • Instagram: @byoliviamagee
  • Featured Look: Olivia is a hugely talented bridal MUA, well-versed in creating a beautiful natural glow and highlighting each client’s natural features. She is just as talented at using her technical skills to craft creative looks for Halloween. Above is a fantastic look that combines both the gory creativity we crave at Halloween and amazing technical beauty skills to create a story on the face.

Halloween Makeup Ideas

Hayley Doyle

  • Instagram: @byhayleyrdoyle
  • Featured Look: An expert at glam, glowy makeup, Hayley knows exactly how to transfer these skills in her Halloween looks too. This simple design is effortless yet bold in its execution. A bold abstract lip and mesmerising black eyes makes it hard to look away. if you’re looking for a Halloween finish that’s both glam and intoxicating, Hayley’s the MUA for you.

Halloween Makeup Ideas

Amy Liu

  • TikTok
  • Featured Look: Amy’s page is a haven of deep, dark looks with bold black eyeliners, strong lip combinations, and sultry eyelashes. We’re obsessed with this fusion of Harley Quin and the Joker. The precision of the eyes, lips, and cheeks combined with perfect colour options create a fierce character that’ll make your Halloween look the best in the city.

Halloween Makeup Ideas

Natalie Crawford

  • Instagram: @natalie_makeup_hof
  • Featured Look: Natalie is a MUA powerhouse, talented in creating both glowing beauty looks and complex Halloween looks. Her added skills in SFX result in looks that are both jaw-dropping and incredibly pleasing on the eye. The perfect detail in Natalie’s above work adds to the credibility of her character looks.

Halloween Makeup Ideas

Eleanor MUA

  • Instagram: @_elsmua
  • Featured Look: Eleanor’s portfolio is jam-packed full of colourful eyes, voluminous lashes, and glossy lips. On top of this she know how to smash both a glowy look and a creepy Halloween brief. Her skills create a story through colour and shading. Her captions are just as good: this one is known as ‘Disney without the happy ending – Rapunzel strangled to death…’

Halloween Makeup Ideas

Katie Hyland

  • Instagram: @katiehylandmakeup
  • Featured Look: Katie’s page pops with bright colours, sharp liners, and powerful brows. Her Halloween looks are just as eye-catching. Take this neon-esque skull look with gorgeous colour tones which melt together and white liner in all the right places.

Halloween Makeup Ideas

Lydia Fox

  • Instagram: @lydiafoxmua
  • Featured Look: Lydia is a talented MUA. For Halloween, her portfolio is particularly impressive. She has crafted hauntingly beautiful looks like intricate skull makeup, eerie ghostly ensembles, and enchanting mythical creatures. Lydia calls this intoxicating look ‘UV Mess’ and we think it’s perfect for partying the night away.

Halloween Makeup Ideas

Enya Lawlor

  • Instagram: @enyalawlor
  • Featured Look: When it comes to Halloween makeup, Enya doesn’t disappoint. Her portfolio features a captivating range of spine-chilling looks right through to enchanting fantasy characters. Here, we feature a glitzy take on the classic ‘I’m melting’ wicked witch of the West. This look combines glam touches and a gooey mess to create a contemporary witch that’ll make everyone green with envy.

Halloween Makeup Ideas

Jasmine Eve

  • Instagram: @jasmineevemakeup
  • Featured Look: Jasmine boasts an impressive portfolio of diverse makeup looks. Her creations are marked by fantastic colour choices, precision, artistry, and an eye for detail. For those who love a glitzy makeup for Halloween, this Barbie-esque sparkly skeleteon complete with hair pearls and sultry eyelashes ticks all the boxes.

Halloween Makeup Ideas

Lauren Emily

  • Instagram: @s.e.t_makeup
  • Featured Look: Lauren showcases an exceptional range of makeup creations that are bound to inspire your Halloween look. With a keen eye for dramatic and imaginative styles, this artist specializes in crafting unique and otherworldly makeup designs. Lauren’s neon-esque rainbow skeleton is both glamorous and spooky, a perfect combination for Halloween in 2023.

Halloween Makeup Ideas

Emma Hall

  • Instagram: @byemmahall
  • Featured Look: Emma brings a creative and captivating touch to Halloween makeup. Her portfolio features an array of striking looks that span from spooky and haunting to whimsical and enchanting.  Her mastery of color, texture, and intricate details ensures that each makeup creation is a work of art. We’ve chosen her clown/ joker-esque looks thanks to well-blended colours, gorgeous eye makeup and the ability of the finished look to appear both polished and abstract.

Halloween Makeup Ideas

Greta Mikki

  • Instagram: @greta.mikki
  • Featured Look: Greta’s ability to create whimsical, mystical creatures is second to none. This cotton-candy-esque fairy transports us to an alternative Barbie dreamworld. There’s both glamour and mystery within this look thanks to dreamy colour blending, purple cheeckbones and bold mouth, eye and eyebrow colour choices.

Halloween Makeup Ideas

Trending Halloween Makeup Ideas in 2023

We also have to talk about what’s trending in Halloween makeup for 2023! This year, we’re seeing a blend of classic and contemporary styles. Here are some trends to watch out for:

  • Cosmic Creations: Space-themed makeup is taking off, with cosmic colors, glittering galaxies, and celestial beings becoming popular choices. You can channel your inner alien, astronaut, or intergalactic deity with this trend.
  • Surreal Skulls: Skull makeup is a perennial favorite, but this year, MUAs are taking it to new heights with surreal and abstract interpretations. Think melting skulls, cracked porcelain doll skulls, and vibrant, neon-inspired designs.
  • Fantasy Creatures: With the influence of fantasy series and movies, mythical creature makeup is on the rise. You can expect to see captivating mermaids, enchanting fairies, and fearsome dragons brought to life through makeup artistry.
  • Nature’s Magic: MUAs are embracing the beauty of the natural world, incorporating elements like leaves, flowers, and crystals into their looks. Earthy tones, ethereal forest spirits, and enchanting nymphs are some of the manifestations of this trend.

Now that you’re armed with all these Halloween makeup ideas, you’re gonna need somewhere to rock your Halloween look. Here’s our guide on the Best Halloween Parties in Liverpool 2023!

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