Liverpool Quiz – Keep Boredom at Bay

Liverpool Boredom Buster Quiz- It’s time to test your knowledge of Liverpool.

Bored staying at home? Well we’ve got a treat for you and your family. Tonight why not test your knowledge of Liverpool and see who is the smartest in your household. Here are 20 Liverpool trivia questions to make tonight GAME NIGHT. Answers at the end of the post.

Are you all sitting comfortably? Ok, grab pens and paper and let’s do this!

Boredom Liverpool Quiz

Q1.  How tall is the Royal Liver Building?

A- 35 metres

B- 51 metres

C- 49 metres


Q Name all four members of The Beatles?


Q Which family owns Croxteth Hall?


Q Who has a statue of himself in Liverpool Lime Street Station?


Q What was written on the stern of The Titanic?

A- Built in Liverpool

B- The Titanic Liverpool 

C- Liverpool Docks


Q  What famous warship came to Liverpool in February 2020?


Q Who is the Mayor of Liverpool?


Q Who famously said “Lorra Lorra Laughs”?


Q Famous Liverpool born actress Jodie Comer is best known for what BBC spy thriller?


Q The SuperLambBanana sculpture in Liverpool was designed by a famous …. artist?

A- Spanish

B- American

C- Japanese 


Q When Peaky Blinders Star, Thomas Shelby’s wife was killed in the hit TV series , what Liverpool building featured as the iconic ballroom?


Q What famous lyrics are featured on The Liverpool FC Badge?


Q Where is Everton Football Club based?


Q What Liverpool orchestra has performed internationally and was formed in 1987?


Q Which Aintree Racehorse won the Grand National in 2018 and 2019?


 Q What city is linked to Liverpool by a canal?


Q How many children does Coleen Rooney have?


Q Who was the Scouse hotel manager in the TV series Benidorm?


Q How old is Paul O’Grady ?

A 62

B 69

C 64 


Q According to Urban Legend, which hated dictator once worked at the Adelphi Hotel in Liverpool when he was young?


Liverpool Boredom Buster Quiz Answers:

1.B- 51 metres *

2. John Lennon, Paul McCartney Ringo Starr George Harrison

3. Molyneaux family

4. Sir Ken Dodd

5. B- The Titanic Liverpool

6. HMS Prince of Wales

7. Joe Anderson

8. Cilla Black

9. Killing Eve

10. C- Japanese

11. St George’s Hall

12. You’ll never walk alone

13. Goodison Park Liverpool

14. The Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Concert Orchestra

15. Tiger Roll

16. Leeds

17. 4

18. Crissy Rock

19. C 64

20. Adolf Hitler

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