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Here’s some feel good news stories that will help balance out all the Liverpool Coronavirus doom and gloom going on right now and help lift your spirits.

Good News instead of Liverpool Coronavirus

Yes, its important to keep up to date with the latest Liverpool Coronavirus news but aren’t you getting a little bit bored of all the bad news stories. To get you a bit more balance, we’ve found some feel good news that will put a smile on your face.

Good News instead of Liverpool Coronavirus

Scientists Have Discovered a Complete Protein Found Nowhere on Earth

A critical ingredient for life, a complete protein could finally solve the mystery of how life on earth began and simply fell from the sky. After a meteorite landed on Earth, scientists from Harvard identified isolated amino-acids lodged inside it which later confirmed to be part of a unique complete protein structure seen nowhere on Earth. This incredible scientific discovery doesn’t outright confirm life on another planet but it does support several hypotheses, for instance life could have begun here on earth with help from interstellar space rocks.

Read more about this feel good news story.

Good News instead of Liverpool Coronavirus

Easter Bonnet Hat Goes Hilariously Wrong

When Mrs Mombastic, a mummy blogger agreed to let her son create a giraffe Easter bonnet, things didn’t exactly turn out at expected. Last Easter, her son wanted to replicate a cute long neck giraffe hat but what he created was far from a cute animal. Let’s hope this year her son sticks to Easter eggs for decoration.

Read the full Easter Bonnet Nightmare here.

Good News instead of Liverpool Coronavirus

Penguins Go on a Field Trip

Chicago’s Shedd Aquarium closed its doors to customers amid coronavirus fears, which gave these lucky little creatures the perfect opportunity to explore. The aquarium’s penguins took a walk inside the facility and visited the other animals. The video which has now gone viral shows Wellington the penguin excited to see the fish in the Amazon exhibit.

Watch this adorable video now.

Good News instead of Liverpool Coronavirus

Wales to Build National Forest

Known for natural beauty, peaceful escapes and British folk-law, Wales will be expanding it’s green arms to fight climate change. The Welsh government is working towards planting a national forest that would run the length and breadth of the land, connecting existing woodland environments with large scale tree-planting projects designed to restore natural Wales and fight climate change.

Find out more about the Welsh National Forest project.

Good News instead of Liverpool Coronavirus

Eco Dog On a Mission to Clean Up the UK

An environmentally conscious dog, Molly the Labrador Retriever, is on a mission to rid her town of litter. After seeing how much rubbish can be found on their walks, Molly and her owner decided to make a change. Now instead of chasing after a ball along the seafront in Scarborough, Molly picks up bottles, plastic and rope that have been dumped on the beach in an attempt to remove as much litter as they can from their beautiful town. Molly hopes to get more pawfully good dogs and owner onboard.

Read how this dog is such a good girl for the planet.

Liverpool Coronavirus Good News-

Seniors Play Life Sized Hungry Hippos

To keep isolation boredom at bay, these senior citizens decided to play a life-sized version of the kids game Hungry Hungry Hippos. Watch the hilarious video of the seniors and their nursing home caretaker giggling away as they are rolled around the room furiously trying to scoop the balls into their baskets.

Watch the Hungry Hungry Hippo Game 

Good News instead of Liverpool Coronavirus

Earth’s Ozone Layer Continues to Heal

New research published this month has found that the damage to the Earth’s Ozone layer might be reversing after the world banned the chemicals that were causing it significant damage. The Montreal Protocol, an international treaty introduced over 30 years ago has successfully phased out use of ozone-depleting chemicals.

In fact, a 2018 report from United Nations says that the infamous hole in the ozone layer could be totally healed by 2060s and in some parts of the world by 2030.

Find out more about this incredible news story.

Liverpool Coronavirus Good News-

Prankster Brings a Llama in a Tux to Sister’s Wedding

This video has gone viral, after a 21 year old joker decided to bring a Llama in a tuxedo to his sister’s wedding. Mendl Weinstock had his special guest’s tuxedo custom-made just for the occasion. Mendl says the prank fulfilled his 5-year promise to his sister that he would indeed bring a Llama to the wedding should his sister get hitched.

Read the full Llama wedding guest story here.

Good News instead of Liverpool Coronavirus

Madagascar Birthday Tree- Planting Party

To celebrate Madagascar’s 60th birthday, the nation held a tree loving birthday party. This incredible ceremony included the planting of a million seedlings in a few hours. The country is preparing to plant a million trees for each year of its six decade history. The government is attempting to make the island of Madagascar green once again and is encouraging the people to protect and respect the environment.

Find out more about Madagascar’s Birthday Party


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