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Regus, a critically acclaimed business providing meeting rooms, office space and the a hub for co-workers, has recently opened a new location within the heart of Liverpool. Situated in the sophisticated setting of 1 Mann Island, Regus has expanded their 3000 business centers, across 900 cities and 120 countries, to encompass the ever expanding landscape of Liverpool. The waterfront location of 1 Mann Island provides easy access to both the city, as well as showcasing the riverside views Liverpool has to offer. As well as expanding their vast array of successful locations, Regus also plans on opening a similar venue within Derby Square, Liverpool.

The Mann Island venue contains sixty-four office spaces, many with views of the River Mersey and the Albert Docks. Office space, within the venue, provides room for single work spaces, as well as rooms for up to six people. Contracts range from a minimum of one month to two years, with prices according to the length of the contract and office size. However, Community Manager Rhian, explained that Regus are inclined to charge £200 per desk, per month, with longer contracts lowering in price.


Regus Liverpool Remote Working Space


Prices include communications and internet, although calls and additional internet, if required, is not included in the price. Despite being open for only four weeks, the Regus Mann Island location already has a 40% occupation for the coming months, highlighting the popularity of the city center venue and the high end quality of office and coworkers space.



A further Regus incentive is their Gold Card Scheme. For £89 a month, members can use the internet and desk space of any Regus location in the world. With Regus covering 120 countries worldwide, the Gold Card Scheme is ideal for freelancers or those who have the ability to work in remote locations. The Regus venue in Liverpool has combined a beautifully designed, high end space and a desirable postcode with affordable prices. With a range of different desk spaces, Regus enables a variety of different businesses, creatives and academics to work within a beautifully designed city center location.

Written by Annabelle Nunnery @BellaNunnery

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