Camp & Furnace Anti-Valentine’s Day Disco

Anti Valentine's Disco

Since its first opening, Camp and Furnace has well and truly established itself as an iconic venue for hosting the biggest and best events this side of the Mersey. Showcasing an array of experiences from chilled out dinners to hugely popular bingo nights, Camp and Furnace are always bringing unique and wacky events to Liverpools Baltic Triangle.

The venue aims to bring “simplicity, friends and family, collective experience, good quality and warm hospitality.” And that it does – with a bit of Scouse humour thrown in for good measure!


Saturday 17th February will see Camp and Furnace set their urban cool venue alight, making the most of their namesake furnace in an event for anyone who just doesn’t “do” Valentines Day. This anti valentines disco has been organised with the dejected, rejected, heartbroken, lonely and scorned in mind.

If you’re looking for light relief from a past conquest, Camp and Furnace are inviting you to reject the regurgitated valentines tat, and set fire to ex flames. The furnace will be unromantically lit at 12am for attendees to take part in a mass cleanse of ghosts of heartbreaks past. Everyone is invited to bring along a photo of a face they’d rather forget, someone who can be condemned to the ashes never to be drunk dialled again. The first 50 burners will be given a shot to get the celebrations started, so be sure to be in the queue early, none of this Cinderella style rushing at midnight! For anyone feeling particular vocal, you’re invited to confess all manner of sins to a local priest, or to anyone who’ll listen, because that’s what club toilets are for right?

Early release tickets are priced at £3.50, so if you’re looking for a night all about the Single Ladies,  determined to let someone know you’ve come to the End Of The Road, don’t let your Tears Dry On Their own – head down to Camp and Furnace and be in good company. Dress up, show up, drink up and party, but whatever you do – when you leave do not text your ex!


Written by Amy Swish my Swag @SwishMySwag

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