Peaberry Coffee House Liverpool Luxury Ice Cream

The Royal Albert Dock just got more delicious with new kids on the block Peaberry Coffee House Liverpool . Specialising in Brazillian Peaberry coffee beans and luxury Italian gelato, this independent artisan coffee house, is family run and has recently opened on the iconic Royal Albert Dock. With gourmet luxury ice cream, there has never been a better excuse to treat yourself to a soft scoop or two.

Peaberry Coffee House Liverpool

Give in to temptation and choose from twenty-two different flavours of homemade luxury ice cream, including dairy, vegan and sorbet varieties.  First pick your favourite base for your ice cream, such as waffles, doughnuts, Eton Mess or a number of delightfully coloured cones. Then enjoy a wide range of flavours such as class Mint Chocolate Chip, Rum & Raison or more quirky scoops such as Unicorn or Kinder Bueno.


Peaberry Liverpool

The ice cream supplier is also an independent business called ‘Golds’, based in Wigan and specialising in homemade luxury Gelato ice cream. Their products have a richer flavour, smoother texture and lower fat content compared to standard ice cream. Golds have over 150 flavours in their ice cream range, so Peaberry Coffee House Liverpool customers can expect the flavours to change on a regular basis, and Peaberry will also be introducing a range of gin slushies and boozy milkshakes at a later date.


Peaberry Coffee House Liverpool


The cafe, was launched in Waterloo in 2017 by husband and wife team Graeme and Clare Farrington. Bringing a diverse menu of locally sourced meat, fish, vegan, vegetarian and gluten free dishes to its new waterfront home, it’s sure to be a hit among locals and tourists alike. With a prime spot on Liverpool’s beautiful waterfront, the beautiful coffee house offers a relaxed setting to take in Liverpool’s sights and enjoy locally sourced food.

Commenting on the opening, Graeme said “A lot of people do want to go out in the evening for ice cream and desserts, it’s a European trend that’s become very popular here so we wanted to be the ones to offer it at the Dock. We think it will work really well here, it’s such a beautiful location and we’ll be serving in the summer until around 9pm or 10pm so now people can come for ice cream until sunset”.

Peaberry Coffee House Liverpool is named after its signature single plantation Brazilian Peaberry coffee beans, which are naturally processed and rich-flavoured, stocked by no other coffee shop in Liverpool. Special guest coffees will be available on a weekly basis, including additional single plantation coffee beans, which can be tracked right back to the each farm where they were grown. Alongside its smooth flavoursome coffee, customers can enjoy great-tasting locally sourced breakfast and lunch options too.


peaberry Liverpool


Clare said: “We would never have dreamed about having a cafe on the Dock. As city residents, to us the Dock has always been the most prestigious of addresses and only for the likes of national operators. By reaching out to small independents the Dock team has given us the confidence to expand our business and we’re looking forward to welcoming our first dockside customers.”

Take a stroll along the beautiful Royal Albert Dock tonight and pop into Peaberry Coffee House Liverpool for a sweet taste of summer. Open Monday to Friday until 10pm. For more information visit their website:

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