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Slice, Slice Baby…

Forget Mothers Day, Fathers Day and Pancake Tuesday, there’s only really one special day we need to be acknowledging in 2018 – and thats National Pizza Day. This year, it lands on Friday 9th February, if you’re in Liverpool, there’s only one place you’re going to want to be seen, and that’s Santa Maluco.
Why, I hear you ask!? Two reasons – delicious pizza, and FREE delicious pizza. Between 12-6pm the talented pizziolas at Santa Maluco, located on Liverpool’s bustling Castle Street, will be giving away free slices of their delightfully delicious wood-fired Margherita pizza to anyone who wants them! 
I’ve always associated pizza with Italy, but being cool and unique, the owners of Santa Maluco dug deep into history, and have fully embraced how the Brazilians changed the traditional creation of pizza. 
 Here at Santa Maluco we want our pizzas to bring that Brazilian flare mixed with some old authentic Italian tradition. All our pizzas are cooked in our wood fired handmade oven. We do not use any fuel apart from wood in our oven, bringing the most authentic pizza experience possible to your plate. All our pizzas are 18 inch and are made completely from scratch by our experienced and talented pizziolas.” 
Visiting Santa Maluco, there is no doubt that everything is made with love!
Santa Maluco National Pizza Day Liverpool
Santa Maluco are all about inclusion, catering for cheese fans, spice lovers, vegans and everyone in between. Most of the pizzas on the menu can be adapted to be 100% vegan whenever you visit, but if that’s not good enough, they dedicate every Monday night to Vegan Mondays, serving “rodizio” style, an all you can eat pizza buffet. If, like me, you prefer your pizza with a side of let’s get this party started, happy hour is from 4pm – 8pm Sunday to Friday, with selected cocktails starting at just £5. For those of you who are all about the sweet life, there’s milkshakes on offer at all times, or you can have a desert pizza too!
Pizza in Liverpool
You know what they say about pizza restaurants – the true test of a good pizzeria lies in the most basic dish. If a plain Margherita can knock your socks off, any other topping is bound to be delicious. I can certify, Santa Maluco know how to do pizza, their vegan Margherita (mozzarella and a tomato base) is gorgeous. The tomato sauce has just the right amount of herbs and spices to ensure the pizza is far from boring, while the hand made thin crust cooked on the wood fire oven, gives a really crispy, fresh texture and taste to the base.
If you’re familiar with Liverpool, I’m sure at a time, you’ve been out and experienced a famous $5 shake – a delicious concoction of vodka, Chambord, milk, jam, ice cream and whipped cream to top. I enjoyed one of these on my visit and I 100% recommend this grown up version of a milkshake. It is available in Santa Maluco in it’s most classic dairy form and an equally delicious vegan option too, other cocktails available include Passionfruit Zombie – 4 Different Rums, Tropical Stuff & FIRE! Now that piqued my interest for sure, I’ve got this on my wish list for my next visit.
I love the atmosphere and chilled vibe of Santa Maluco – the kind where anyone is warmly welcomed, in a way that only Liverpool establishments seem to know how to pull off. Cool and relaxed with graffiti all over the walls, floor to ceiling windows with views of Liverpools famous Town Hall on comfy window seats scattered with cushions, Santa Maluco is the perfect place for anyone to visit for cocktails and a catch up over a pizza or two. 
Written by Amy Swish my Swag @SwishMySwag
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