Scouse Quiz Questions – Test your knowledge to see how Scouse you really are!

Ultimate Scouse Quiz Questions!

We have travelled the globe, living in China, Europe, and exploring different cities around the world. But, we can tell you that we have never met anyone as friendly and as loyal as a scouser! In fact, Liverpool has the best community spirit in the UK, or dare we say in the world. We are proud to be Scousers ourselves but, if you think you might be a Scouser at heart, it’s time to take this quiz. Let’s find out if you’re really a Scouser by taking our hilarious Scouse quiz.

Give our Scouse quiz questions a go and then don’t forget to send it to your family and friends. Be sure to share on social!

Ok, so get ready to take the ultimate Scouse quiz on Unlock Liverpool and see if you really are a true Scouser or… something else!

We would love to see your results! Tag us on social media with a screenshot. @unlockliverpoolltd Instagram

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