The Invisible Man 2020 Review

The Invisible Man Review 2020-

Why is Liverpool Going Crazy for The Invisible Man 2020

At Unlock Liverpool, we usually have the pleasure of reviewing Liverpool restaurants and promoting our favourite places to have brunch in Liverpool. But, with the city on lockdown, we have no choice but to review something else. Something more sinister than any Liverpool business! We are reviewing The Invisible Man 2020 for your pleasure. A psychological thriller designed to send even the bravest scouser to bed with the light on.

After a night on the edge of our sofa, here’s Unlock Liverpool’s personal review of The Invisible Man 2020. Let our review tell you whether it’s worth a watch.

What is The Invisible Man 2020 All About?

Ok, first things first. If you’re thinking about watching this movie, starring Elisabeth Moss, you’ll need to watch the trailer. Trapped in a violent and controlling relationship with a wealthy and successful scientist, Cecilia Kass escapes in the dead of night and disappears into hiding. Although she isn’t the only one who can disappear! Cecilia knows he is coming but will anyone believe her? Get ready for a night of intense drama as a mad scientist attempts to terrify, taunt and stalk her ex and there’s nothing she can do about it.

Warning: Don’t watch this trailer with a cup of tea in hand as you might spill it over your laptop!

Ok, so if you’re brave enough to continue, let’s see who this psychological thriller is really for!

Should I Watch The Invisible Man?

If you’re looking for a brand new movie that will have you on the edge of the sofa from start to finish, The Invisible Man is for you. But, and this is a big one, for everyone stuck inside their homes, you must know that this thriller is based around being at home and the idea of being stalked, terrified and trapped in a place you’re meant to be safe. With that being said, it’s a fantastic night in and will have you jumping at any strange noise in your own house.

We were honestly pulling the blanket over our eyes throughout this epic movie. However, as with most horror and thriller movies, the plot/ storyline did get a little lost as the movie intensified but with the amount of suspense throughout this film, we’ll let them off.

We recommend making a big bowl of popcorn and some strong drinks to keep your nerves at bay.

Definitely not for the faint hearted and make sure to put the kids to bed early so they don’t come creeping down the stairs half way through and scare you to death.

The Invisible Man Review 2020-

How Can I Watch The Invisible Man Tonight?

To watch this psychological thriller online and legally with no interruptions, you have several options. 

Amazon Prime customers can rent The Invisible Man 2020 for £15.99 for a cinema at home experience.

Watch The Invisible Man on Amazon 

You can also rent the movie and watch at home on YouTube for £15.99.

Watch The Invisible Man on YouTube

Plus you can watch this thriller with Google Play Store.

Watch The Invisible Man on Google Play

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