VR Here Liverpool

Have you ever wanted to experience virtual reality in it’s most immersive form? Well you’ll be thrilled to find out that Liverpool now has it’s very own virtual reality entertainment venue just a stone’s throw away from Liverpool city-centre. Say hello to VR Here, the ultimate way to battle zombies, fight killer robots and experience the true beauty of virtual reality gaming.

Based on Paul Street in Liverpool, VR Here can accommodate single and multi-player gamers who want to escape normality and lose themselves in a virtual world with 360 vision and full movement functionality. An ideal way of reducing your stress levels, take control of a world beyond all recognition and step inside a body that feels, moves and acts like your own but can defeat an onslaught of zombies in an abandoned city park, with only a flash light and gun to protect you. Or, if you’re not keen on taking on blood thirsty zombies, you could always challenge your own sense of reality with Richie’s Plank Experience. Get into an animated lift and step onto a plank of wood off the side of a skyscraper. Dare yourself to look down and for those brave enough, step off the edge and see what happens…

Using HTC Vive let your mind explore a new dimension and leave the rain, cold and daily routine behind as you enter VR Here in Liverpool. A night out in Liverpool like you’ve never experienced before. Each session is £20 per person per booth, so if you want to play multiplayer VR games, book online now.  

VR Here in Liverpool City Centre

We’re so excited to be one of the first to be talking about the possibilities of such incredible technology used within an entertainment sector in Liverpool and the guys at VR Here have a number of incredible new ideas to revolutionize the city and make VR in Liverpool accessible to everyone. If you’ve not yet booked anything for Halloween this year, we seriously recommend booking in advance because we guarantee that this place is going to be super busy very quick!!!

Thank you to VR Here for inviting our team down to your business to experience VR in Liverpool. We can honestly say that it was an incredible and memorable experience and we’ll definitely be back very soon!!

If you would like to recommend an experience for our team to review please feel free to email us now on info@unlockliverpool.co.uk

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