Pho in Liverpool

Unlock Liverpool were invited to Pho in Liverpool to taste their authentic Vietnamese menu. With a table booked for two on Friday night, we made our way to Pho, which is directly opposite Voodou and on the pretty cobbled streets of Bold Street, Liverpool’s hottest hub for street food and quirky restaurants.


Pho on Bold Street


Cleansing our palette with a freshly squeezed juice, we pondered the menu, taking note of the vibrant combinations of flavour and spice. We picked out a couple of starters, as we sipped on kale, mint and pineapple.


Pho Liverpool


You could smell the food as it was being brought over to our table. Heavy aromas of chilli, Thai basil and mint. Presentation seems to be a strong point for Pho which each dish carefully placed to show off the colours and textures of the food. Wrapping beef in batal leaves, served with vermicelli rice and Nuoc Cham a rich peanut sauce we dug into the array of beautiful and mouth-watering starters.


Pho Vietnamese Food


Their Nem Nu’ong was absolutely delicious, seasoned with lemongrass, and dipped in the peanut sauce. Their showstopper for Unlock Liverpool had to be their incredible Goi Bap Chuoi, a fragrant banana blossom salad with tender beef, peanuts & star fruit. We urge you to try this!!


Pho Liverpool Unlock Liverpool


The main courses were just as delicious. We have tried a lot of restaurants in and around Liverpool, and we were extremely impressed with the unique flavour combinations that Pho provided. Trying our best to make room for dessert, we took some time taking in Bold Street while deciding which dessert to get.


Pho Coffee in Liverpool


You can’t visit Pho in Liverpool without trying their Vietnamese coffee. Importing the coffee directly from Vietnam, each dripper sits over a glass allowing the rich coffee to slowly filter through. Beautifully sweet and warming with condensed milk, how it’s traditionally served I may even pop by throughout the week for a caffeine fix.


Pho Tea Liverpool


If you’re not a fan of coffee, try their blossoming floral teas. Choose from Jasmin, Green or Yulan tea and watch as it blossoms right before your eyes.

Specialising in Vietnamese national dishes, Pho in Liverpool is a restaurant that will blow your mind with complex flavours of heat, sweetness and spice that will leave you wanting more.

If you’re desperate for a taste of Pho in Liverpool, head down to their Bold Street authentic Vietnamese restaurant today and make sure to tell them that Unlock Liverpool has sent you!

If you’d like to tell us about your experience of Pho in Liverpool or you’d like to recommend another restaurant for our team to try, email .



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