Wagamama Liverpool One restaurant review

Wagamama Liverpool One restaurant

Wagamama is an amazing Japanese restaurant located in the heart of Liverpool One. Wagamama has quickly become one of the most loved restaurants in Liverpool, they cater to all diets with a fantastic menu full of choices whether your vegan, vegetarian or a family with children.

Wagamama Address: Liverpool One, 14 Paradise Street Liverpool, L1 8JF

Opening Times: 11 am-10 pm Monday-Sunday

Contact Number: 0151 707 27 62

Wagamama Liverpool one restaurant review


Famous for their Katsu curry and ramen bowls, Wagamama has quickly become one of the most loved restaurants in Liverpool One. Serving the most delicious dishes it would be hard to make a choice, however, Wagamama’s [menu] describes each dish in detail to help you choose the right dish for you (if you can stop yourself from trying one of each). Whether you have just finished work or are shopping and fancy a bite to eat Wagamama is the perfect place to stop off with affordable prices that leave your belly and your pockets full and satisfied.

Wagamama Speke

What to order?

So, we know that everyone has different tastes and I guess you will never know what you like until you try. We’ve put our fussiest team member to the test and this is what he recommends:


Korean barbecue beef + red onion Hirata steamed bun

Two fluffy Asian buns stuffed with Korean barbecue beef. red onion. coriander + mayonnaise

Ebi Katsu

Prawns in crispy panko breadcrumbs. coriander. fresh lime. chilli + garlic dipping sauce.

Duck gyoza

Duck fried gyoza served with dipping sauce arrives with 5 delicious gyozas and dip. 

These are the must-have starters, every bite is so delicious that it will leave you thinking about them for months.



This is the dish that you really need to think about. Wagamama has pictures of the dishes on the [menu] which will help you make a choice, but if you feel like being adventurous then we highly recommend that you try these dishes :

Hot chicken katsu curry

Spicy! chicken in crispy panko breadcrumbs and covered in our spicy curry sauce. sticky white rice. side salad. Japanese pickles.

Teriyaki beef donburi

Beef brisket in teriyaki sauce. shredded carrots. pea shoots. spring onion. sesame seeds. side of kimchee. TIP: ask for Amai sauce and mix it in the dish.

Firecracker prawns

Bold + fiery. prawns. mangetout. red + green peppers. onion. hot red chillies. sesame seeds. shichimi. fresh lime. white rice. Tip: this dish is very very spicy if you can’t handle the heat and you want to try it anyway make sure that you are prepared for your mouth to be on fireee.
Wagamama Liverpool one restaurant
Wagamama Liverpool one restaurant


There is always room for dessert right? If your anything like us and you always seems to manage to find room no matter how full you feel after your mains then continue reading…

For dessert, we opted to try

Banana katsu

Which is banana in crispy panko breadcrumbs, salted caramel ice cream and chilli toffee + ginger sauce. WOW, we were not disappointed this is a must-have dessert to finish your meal every bite as delicious as the last it will leave you glad that you made some room for dessert.

Salted caramel cheesecake

Salted caramel + wasabi parfait, crunchy biscuit base, chocolate buckwheat shards and salted caramel sauce. I can truly say that I have never tasted anything like this cheesecake, it satisfied my sweet tooth and I had a cup of coffee to accompany my final dish.
Wagamama Liverpool one restaurant

Children’s menu

Now, we all know that children can be the fussiest eaters and the biggest critics. We are regular visitors to this restaurant and my child asks for a Wagamama every single day (no I’m not joking). So here are my little critic’s favourite meals from Wagamama.


Mini chicken katsu with Amai sauce

Chicken breast coated in crispy panko breadcrumbs with sticky white rice. On the side are carrots, cucumber, sweetcorn and Amai sauce. She loves to smother her dish in Amai sauce and devours it within minutes.


We don’t usually get dessert but this time the staff offered her ice cream and she just couldn’t turn it down. They offer a choice of ice pops or ice creams but she chose:

Vanilla pod ice cream

One scoop of dairy vanilla pod ice cream with chocolate or passion fruit sauce.
I can’t speak for her but by looking at the icecream smothered around her face I can guess that she LOVED her treat.
Wagamama Liverpool one restaurant

We highly recommend that you try Wagamama Liverpool One restaurant if you haven’t already. Head over to them and see what you have been missing out on.

Why don’t you order their FREE green tea that they serve while you’re looking at the menu?

To find out more or to browse the menu before your visit, head over to their website here.

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