Wine Tasting At Home with The Wine List

wine tasting at home with The Wine List

Wine tasting at home is the perfect stay at home weekend idea. Share the experience of wine tasting with your partner, friends or family.

We were given the unique opportunity this month to try tasting wine at home, thanks to The Wine List. This is an online wine subscription service that allows you to experience wine tasting from the comfort of your own home. Rather than head out and risk another wave of Coronavirus, why not satisfy your love of white, red and rose wine by signing up to The Wine List’s online monthly wine subscription service.

Learn about international wine within your first wine subscription box and develop your sommelier skills. Each month, you will be sent two bottles of wine, rarely available in the UK. The best way to learn about wine is through discovery and by introducing your taste buds to new grapes, new regions and incredible winemakers from around the world, you can begin to really appreciate the flavours, notes and aromas of different bottles of wine.

wine tasting at home with The Wine List

The Wine List: Taste Wine at Home Monthly Subscription

Your monthly wine subscription will also include two tasting cards, helping to guide you through your personal and private at home wine tasting experience. These tasting cards will help expand your palate and give you tasting cues to help jog your memory and allow you to explore your own ability to taste, smell and enjoy fine wine.

Your first wine tasting subscription will cost £39 per month and will include an introduction to wine tasting card, two bottles of wine, interactive tasting cards and a learning plan. When you consider that half of adults in the UK drink wine at least once a month, why not treat yourself to a wine tasting experience at home.

wine tasting at home with The Wine List

Unlock Liverpool Experience Wine Tasting at Home

Here’s our experience our wine tasting at home in partnership with The Wine List.

We were sent two beautiful bottles of wine from The Wine List. A bottle of White Rioja, Massaya White from Lebanon and a bottle of Beaujolais nouveau, Cara Sucia from Argentina. So, one night we decided to down tools early, light some candles and discover whether we have what it takes to taste wine like a professional sommelier.

The first thing that was a crazy surprise for us, is that the first bottle of wine was from Lebanon. This is a beautiful country that borders Syria and Israel and enjoys a panoramic view of the Mediterranean Sea. My partner is Lebanese and we hold a strong love for this incredible country. In fact, we enjoy Lebanese food daily and visit Lebanon often, yet we have never come across a Lebanese bottle of wine in the UK before. This truly reflects how exciting this wine subscription is. You really will be introduced to unusual and rare bottles of wine.

Like a warm sunset, Massaya White had a high acidity, was full bodied and had a floral aroma with notes of elderflower. Ideal to match with seafood, we are certainly going to be ordering this bottle of wine again and to share with our extended family and friends.

wine tasting at home with The Wine List

After savouring the Lebanese wine, we moved onto the red. Usually we enjoy merlot wine, but the Beaujolais nouveau was something quite different. Light in colour, medium body and dry, after smelling the wine, swirling the wine in a large gin glass to maximise the aromas, and tasting a couple of sips, the presence of strawberries was intense, yet it wasn’t a sweet or dessert wine. With hints of liquorice and cinnamon it was very different. We think that this particular bottle of wine would be wonderful when paired with a red meat dish.

A couple of glasses of wine later, we can honestly say it was a brilliant night in together. Staying at home, and investing in an activity that allows you to just enjoy the moment and takes your attention away from screens and work, for a couple of hours is so important. So whether you’re looking for a romantic night at home, a different way to spend time with your family at home, or a way to entertain your friends when they come over, sign up today to The Wine List and explore the world of wine tasting at home. You can thank us later!

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