Working From Home Nightmares – Isolation Time

Here are some Working From Home Nightmares, guaranteed to make you laugh. 

So most people who can, are now working from home, in response to the Government instruction for social distancing, but the expectations of working from home, versus the reality is certainly setting in for some Liverpool families. From pyjama conference calls, kids swinging from your neck to cabin fever, we’re all feeling the struggle of home schooling, parenting and remote working. Pop the kettle on and lets indulge in some working from home parents who are at the end of their tether.

Working From Home mum@alrightmom

When the baby falls asleep on you and you try to move them to the crib.


Working From Home

Scarlet Wonderland

Day 1 of working form home and the baby has poured a full cup of tea over her head, took her nappy off and is currently trying to put the remote through the telly in a fit of naked range and I am TIRED.

Unlock Liverpool: We feel for you! Our only suggestion is a glass of wine and a fresh nappy.

Working From Home


Also Mummy’s face when she realised her son can stand up with his seat STILL ATTACHED & had thrown his pasta & egg salad all over the lounge! ? • Yes, that is a bit of tarp you can see to protect the carpet from the food he flings EVERYWHERE at EVERY meal time ????? • Just when I thought I’d gotten clever..

Unlock Liverpool: Take the highs with the lows, you’re doing great.

Working From Home Liverpool 2-1

Elizabeth Stanley

Woke up this morning to my son jumping up and down on my bed, excited for mummy to be at home all day. Oh did I mention it was 4am and I’m already out of coffee and milk.

Unlock Liverpool: Nothing happens before coffee. Will someone please bring this poor woman a cappuccino pronto.

Working From Home 4


I have one of those kids that never sits still and the idea of 14 days at home with them, with a limited supply of snacks, juice and gin just doesn’t sit right with me. Send help.

Unlock Liverpool: Here’s 15 ways to entertain the kids at home, hope that helps even just a little bit.

Working from home liverpool-1


My son seems to think he’s my boss and I can’t count how many times I’ve opened the fridge in the past twenty minutes. My daughter is currently swinging around my neck as I’m desperately trying to work up the energy to get out of my pyjamas.

Unlock Liverpool: Hang in there, you’ve got this! Or, at least maybe tomorrow will be better, who knows.


Day One: This is going to be great! I can bond with my kid and work in comfortable clothes.

Day Two:

Unlock Liverpool: We’re all in the same boat my friend.


Day 3 of homeschooling and the students have just been suspended and the teacher let go for drinking on the job.

Unlock Liverpool: Detention for the teacher. That means being sent to your room – best excuse for a bit of alone time don’t you think!

Working From Home Nightmares-1


Me when I realised the kids are probably headed home for a 24 day weekend.

Unlock Liverpool: Liverpool parents when it gets to 3:15pm

Funny Working From Home-1

Comment below with your own personal experiences of working from home with the kids. Sharing is caring and it’s bound to put a smile on someone’s face.

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