Coronavirus in Liverpool- How to Entertain the Kids at Home

Entertain the kids at home, with these 15 creative family activities while isolating your family from Coronavirus in Liverpool. Keep your children engaged, creative and calm with these easy and fun activities and crafts. You can thank us later! 

Coronavirus in Liverpool

1. Make a Mother’s Day Card to avoid Liverpool Coronavirus

Whether it’s Mother’s Day or not, making a card, rather than buying a card just feels more personal doesn’t it. This year, cases of Coronavirus in Liverpool are putting most of us off venturing out to the shops, so rather than buying a card, why not make a card at home. It’s a great activity for children and will keep them entertained for a an hour or so. This is one of our personal favourites: Natural Mother’s Day Card

Coronavirus in Liverpool

2. Plant some flowers and practice social distancing

Unplug as a family and get outside in the garden. Planting flowers and seeds and watching them grow can be so therapeutic, and a great alternative to being cooped up inside while isolating yourself agains’t cases of coronavirus in Liverpool. If you don’t have seeds or flowers, just weeding the flowerbed and spotting some worms and insects can be plenty of fun for kids. Get back in touch with nature with this great way to entertain the kids at home.

Coronavirus in Liverpool

3. Print some puzzles while self isolating

Remember ‘Where’s Wally’? Those books where you had to find that guy in a red and white striped jumper. Bring a bit of your own childhood back to life and print off a Where’s Wally picture. You can find these of Pinterest and print them off. Make it more challenging for kids by setting a timer and some prizes they can win. This will improve concentration and give you a moment of quiet. This has got to be one of the easiest ways to entertain the kids at home and won’t exposure yourself to the Coronavirus in Liverpool. Here the best website for Where’s Wally. 

Coronavirus in Liverpool

4. Plan a car picnic to refresh your mind

Preparing some cheese and ham sandwiches, a flask of tea or coffee and some fresh fruit and cakes is a childhood memory everyone should share. Wake up early, make a picnic and jump in the car. As long as you don’t get out the car, you should be safe from contracting the virus and passing it on to anyone else. 

Here’s 10 more Liverpool Days Out Ideas when you don’t fancy leaving the car or bumping into people.

Coronavirus in Liverpool

5. Make origami cranes to distract from Coronavirus concerns

This ancient Japanese tradition was formed on a legend that promises anyone who folds 1,000 paper cranes will be granted a wish by the gods. But other stories also believe paper cranes bring internal good luck and can promote a long and healthy life or recovery from illness or injury.

No matter what you believe, the art of paper crafts can create a calm and relaxing environment in the home. Grab some colourful paper and follow this simple step by step guide to make a traditional Origami paper crane.

Coronavirus in Liverpool

6. Disney charades to entertain the whole family

Bring the whole family together for this hilarious team game. Disney charades will let even little ones take part, as they try and act out a Disney character or movie to their family or teammates. Write down 5 Disney movies or characters per person on a piece of paper. Cut out each one and fold it up. Pop them all in a big bowl and mix. Split the family into two teams and assign one person time keeper. Each team sends up a player to try and act out as many of the ideas as possible, not speaking or making a noise, only acting. After two minutes, times up. Pick up all the paper, fold them up, put them back into the bowl and mix. One point for every right answer. The first team to 20 points wins.

Coronavirus in Liverpool

7. Take them on a scavenger hunt 

This super cute idea will spark your child’s imagination. You can do this at home in your garden, around the house or at a park or forest. Prepare a paper bag with a list of things that they have to find. Start with easy items such as ‘Something soft’ or ‘Something red’ and then make the items more difficult such as ‘Something you think is a treasure’. You could even do this around the house with the last item a clue to find hidden treasure, perhaps some sweets, a new toy or a new pair of slippers. Planning this will keep you busy and then your kids busy for a couple of hours.

Coronavirus in Liverpool

8. Bake some cupcakes for a sweet treat at home

This is a delicious way to entertain the kids at home. There is nothing like the smell of freshly baked cupcakes or brownies. Spending time at home with children is so precious and getting your kids in the kitchen is not only fun and creative but it will also teach them life skills. Try baking banana bread to use up bananas that are turning brown, or make cupcakes and spend time decorating them.

Coronavirus in Liverpool

9. Flashcard learning game to keep their mind active

Flashcards are a fantastic way to teach children and improve memory. Print off some flashcards and play a memory game with the kids. If you want them to learn animal names, find some printable flashcards online, and cut them out. Start by showing your kids 5 animal cards. Ask them to close their eyes and take one card away. See if they can remember the missing card. Each time you play add a new flashcard. Here are some more fun and easy flashcards and worksheets for kids.

Coronavirus in Liverpool

10. Play hide and seek in the dark

This easy game will have your kids laughing and screaming in no time. Make sure to set some rules first. No running, no climbing, no going outside the house for example. Then switch off the lights, and use the living room or lounge as a base. You can go first, by counting loudly to 10. After 10, you shout, Monster 1,2,3. Your kids will need to find a good hiding place and stay quiet. Slowly make your way around the house with big exaggerated footsteps. When you find someone, you can pretend to eat them up.

Coronavirus in Liverpool

11. Family Trivia game for a bit of fun

A quiz is a great before bed activity that will test the whole family’s general knowledge. Assign one person the quiz master. Find a family trivia sheet online such as the online below and split into teams. The quiz master will read out each question and let the teams write down their answer. After all the questions have been read out, swap papers with the other team and mark the answers. The winning team could choose a movie to watch for example. Here’s a printable Family Trivia question sheet.

Coronavirus in Liverpool

12. Roast marshmallows in the garden 

Get campfire vibes at home by roasting marshmallows on a stick, over a tea-light. This family fun activity can be done in the garden or on a table in the kitchen. An adult must supervise at all times. Light a tea light and pop a marshmallow on a stick. Let your kids hold the marshmallow and allow it to slowly melt. Once melted and cooler, they can enjoy the gooey goodness. A fantastic way to entertain the kids at home.

Coronavirus in Liverpool 13. Play the hand and foot game and get in some exercise

Super fun for both adults and kids, the hand and foot game will really test your hand and eye co-ordination. Draw or print off, hand and foot pictures and place on the floor in different variations such as hand, foot, foot and foot hand foot. Each person must jump to the next row and place their hands and feet in the right position. If they get it wrong, they have to start again.

Coronavirus in Liverpool

14. Play the Yes & No game

This is a classic childhood game that gets you thinking. The idea of the game is that you must never say ‘Yes’ or ‘No’. The quiz master starts by asking ‘Ok, are you ready to play?’. If they say ‘Yes’ or ‘No’, they’re out! Start with easy questions such as, What’s your name? Oh, that’s a nice name isn’t it? Are you 6 years old? Are you an adult? Do you like this game?…and so on. The winner is the person who answers the most questions without saying ‘Yes’ or ‘No’. You must always answer the question and not repeat the same thing over and over again or you’ll also be disqualified. This is a great way of taking your kids attention away from news about Coronavirus in Liverpool and the rest of the UK.

Coronavirus in Liverpool

15. Kid’s Yoga on YouTube to calm Liverpool Coronavirus Worries

Promote mental health and being active with Kid’s Yoga on YouTube. This type of yoga is super engaging for children as it is based on a familiar story such as Frozen. Using the storyline, the yoga is easily picked up by young participants and will get them off the sofa and stretching out. A relaxing and mindful way to entertain the kids at home. Here is the link for Frozen Kid’s Yoga on YouTube.

Coronavirus in Liverpool can cause some mental health concerns especially for young children who don’t understand what they’re hearing about cases of the virus, deaths etc. It’s very important to minimise their exposure to news articles and talk of death rates, as this can play of their minds and create fear and panic.

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