3 Scouse Mum Sayings We All Live By

Liverpool is undoubtedly a close knit community and family often comes first for a lot of scouse people. Whether you’re from Aintree, Speke or as far out as Kirkby, we bet that your mum is the head of the family. When we say head of the family, we mean that she has her subtle ways of controlling not only your dad, but your siblings, and more often than not your dog too! Brushing past the potential to interfere and try to manipulate your life choices, when things don’t quite go to plan, or you’re in a bit of a rut, you can always count on your scouse mum to pop the kettle on and sort out your problems before you finish your cuppa and custard cream.

Let’s explore our 3 favourite scouse mum solutions that seem to sleigh most of life’s little problems:


Scouse Mum

It Will All Come Out in the Wash

When you’ve really got yourself into a hot mess, and you organise a crisis meeting with your mum- after several cups of milky tea, if there really is no practical solution to get you off the hook, this is a frequent scouse mum saying. Almost instantly reducing the severity of the issue, your mum will look you dead in the eye and say these words and turn your massive issue into a tiny misfortune. Well, you never know, you could be dead…


Scouse Mum

You could be Dead Tomorrow

Quickly moving on from the first port of call, to wash away your troubles, if you’re not sure whether to buy that designer handbag from Liverpool One and quickly phone your mum for a little advice, you can count on her throwing this saying right in your face. Yes mum, you’re quite right, we could be dead tomorrow, so I’ll just hand over £500 and deal with the consequences tomorrow. This guilt free way of life is what makes scouse mums so easy going!


That Soft Lad?

OK, so this little solution is what all scouse mums arm themselves with, when they so much as hear you mention anything negative about your current or ex boyfriend. The saying simply rolls off the tongue and pushes your boyfriend off his pedestal in a matter of seconds. This is a powerful defence mechanism and will allow you to begin your rant with no shame or blame.

If you’ve got your own scouse mum sayings, feel free to comment below and share with our team! We’d love to hear them!

Check out our Liverpool Mother’s Day ideas and inspiration below.

Scouse mums are some of the toughest women out there and this Mother’s Day we have some fabulous ideas of how to make sure your mum has the best Mother’s Day that Liverpool can offer!

Enter our Mother’s Day Competition

Enter our Mother’s Day giveaway with Crystal Clear on Rodney Street and be in with a chance of winning a professional skin consultation and £150 worth of Crystal Clear skincare products.

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Treat Your Mum to a Crystal Clear Mother’s Day Gift Set

Crystal Clear Mum’s Pamper Night Gift Set, £36.99 is the perfect little treat for your mum and includes Crystal Clear Wipe Away the Years Cleansing Milk, Crystal Face & Body Polish, 10 Minute Glow, Skin Repair and Crystal Clear Quartz Spa Hope Bath & Massage Oil.

Available from www.crystalclear.co.uk

Scouse mums are often far too concerned about looking after everyone else than taking care of themselves so this little treat is just the thing to make her feel special.

Whatever You Do – Don’t Forget the Mother’s Day Card

Make sure to pick up a Mother’s Day card from Hallmark either from your nearest Liverpool store or online via Amazon.

They have a fantastic range of Mother’s Day cards!

Raise a Glass of Gin to Your Scouse Mum

What better tipple to enjoy over Mother’s Day than mother’s ruin, also known as gin! If your mum is anything like mine, she will be partial to a glass or two of Langley’s gin with a slice of lemon and a splash of tonic.

We’re going to be picking up a bottle of this classic drink from The Whisky Exchange 

Pamper Your Scouse Mum this Mother’s Day 

All those wise words must come at a cost mum, so why not take a long soak in the bath and I’ll treat you to the magic of Olverum Bath Oil! I’ve actually fallen in love with this particular brand of oil as it features a blend of 10 essential oils and honestly helps you to relax within minutes. Stimulating circulation, it’s fantastic for mums who have aches and pains. Plus after the stress that I’m sure I’ve put you under all of these years, I think it’s time you had a little me time!

tPlus don’ forget to apply Vita Coco Coconut Oil to your elbows, knees and anywhere else you’ve developed a tough skin, something you keep reminding us we need to do too! If there is one thing quite special about scouse mums, is that they seem to reflect any kind of criticism or negativity as if it just simply bounces off them.  

Scouse Mum’Who Lose Everything  

Whether it’s their keys, their handbag or their mobile phone, scouse mums are prone to losing all matter of things. This Mother’s Day why not pick up The Tile from John Lewis in Liverpool One and make sure your mum can track down her precious processions in a matter of minutes. This stylish Bluetooth tracker can be attached to almost any item and can be traced by playing an alarm or can be tracked down via an app which will show you the last place it was located. 



Mother’s Day Meal in Liverpool 

If you’re thinking about treating your scouse mum to a Mother’s Day meal in Liverpool, here are a couple of restaurants offering some pretty special deals this Sunday!  

Santa Maluco are offering unlimited pizza and prosecco for just £25 per head this Mother’s Day. Plus anyone who pre-books their brand new brunch menu will get 10% off all food on Mother’s Day!  

Over at Slim’s Pork Chop Express, the team are set to spoil mums with a complimentary glass of prosecco alongside a Sunday roast. We all know how much scouse’s enjoy a good roast so this one is a MUST! Make sure to pre-book! 

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