A True Taste of South America: Las Iguanas Liverpool has a Makeover

There’s no doubt that almost every Scouser, at some point, has enjoyed a meal and one too many cocktails in Liverpool One’s Las Iguanas, that has been sat adjacent to Chavasse Park ever since our epic shopping village opened. However, recently, Las Iguanas has under gone an impressive new interior that is more than just a lick of paint. The interior has totally transformed into a colourful, South American haven with a brand new menu to go with it, full of a bigger variety of choice on both their food and drinks menus. To celebrate the transformation, we were invited down to eat, drink and be merry – South American style.

Las Iguanas in Liverpool.

We arrived a Las Iguanas to the unmistakable buzz of a thriving restaurant, combined with an extremely warm welcome as we were shown to our table. The restaurant has booth-style seating around its circumference with colourful table and chairs in the middle of the restaurant. Eager to try a cocktail we jumped at the chance to partake in a quick cocktail masterclass where we were given the chance to try our hand at shaking and stirring a Caipirinha  – Brazil’s national cocktail, traditionally shaken with Cahaca, sugar and lime. We crushed four limes and three teaspoons of caster sugar into the bottom of our tumblers, filled them with crushed ice and poured a shot of Cahaca over the top – and voila, two refreshingly sour but sweet Caipirinha were going down an absolute pre-dinner treat.

Las Iguanas in Liverpool.

The atmosphere at Las Iguanas was alive with happy diners, the smell of delicious food and even fantastic Latino dancers and it was time for us to choose from the menu’s huge amount of choices, with each dish sounding just as good as the next. The new Las Iguanas menu is split into traditional cuisines from different South American countries. From cheesy, meaty Cuban sandwiches to the fragrant curries of Brazil and the hearty steaks of Argentina. Being totally stuck in our decisions, it seemed only right that we ordered something from the ‘while you choose’ section, opting for the ‘Cheesy Peru Fondue’. This dish was every cheese lover’s dream featuring melted cheese with Amarillo chilli sauce and crispy potato dipping chunks. Picking and dipping – we died and went to cheese heaven.

After much deliberation, we decided on the Chicken Enchiladas and the Bahian Coconut Chicken with a side of Plantain. If you prefer small plate dining, there is also a fantastic, carefully though out tapas selection , which is perfect for trying  a small amount of everything. Las Iguanas are famed for their super flavourful, cheesy Chicken Enchiladas and I was pleased to see that they were still the taste sensation they’d always been. Large chunks of spicy chicken wrapped in a floury, soft tortilla, rich tomato sauce, rice and re-fried beans. The tortilla is topped with cheese and baked in the oven. What’s not to love?

Our next dish was a new choice – the Bahian coconut chicken served in a traditional earthenware pot. The ginger and garlic flavours were light and fragrant, with the spices packing a punch and the spring onion rice and shredded greens being the perfect addition. We decided to swap our regular choice of sweet potato fries for some Plantain which was delicious, the distinctive taste of banana balancing out the bold and vibrant spices of the curry.

Las Iguanas in Liverpool.

Whether you’re heading into Las Iguanas for a feast of the exotic flavours of South America or are simply visiting to take advantage of their two for one cocktail menu and graze on a few side plates and bar snacks, you’re guaranteed an electric atmosphere, full of vibrancy, colour and super-friendly and professional service. We were truly impressed with the brand new menu which combined a range of Las Iguanas’ old favourites with new and exciting dishes, ensuring there’s more than enough choice for every single diner. We can’t to return and sample the cuisine of a different country – I’ve got my eye on the Peanut + Prawn Maracana – so watch this space!

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