Are You a Member of The Club in Liverpool One?

Earlier this year, Liverpool One was proud to announce the arrival of a new restaurant, The Club House. The breezy new restaurant and bar opened its doors to the eagerly awaiting public in Chavasse Park, Liverpool One.

Clubhouse in Liverpool One

Chavasse Park is home to a number of restaurants, bars and eateries but The Club House offers a more American style dining experience, with an outdoor kitchen, outdoor seating for summer drinks and a very beautiful interior restaurant. At night, The Club House looks rather beautiful lite up.

I decided to go for a quick lunch yesterday at this new restaurant and was surprised to see the garden almost full with shoppers and families enjoying the warmer weather over a couple of drinks.

Liverpool Clubhouse menu

While waiting to be seated inside, a couple in front, older and rather posh, were enquiring about a large booking for a special occasion and I can see why they wanted to book here. Inside I was taken aback, by how classy the interior was, yet maintaining a very relaxed atmosphere. 

I love seeing how creative restaurants can be with the simplest of things. The Club House, has transformed its drinks menu and used dainty hand-drawn images of all of the beers, cider and ales on offer, as well as an historic background on each drink. This quirky touch really does get noticed by diners, so well done guys for originality there.

We ordered two beef burgers with a side of coleslaw, which are served in a cute wooden box and a rather unusual Asian-inspired bowl. Maybe I am slightly missing the concept here, but I thought it rather strange. Unfortunately, we had to send one back, but the manager quickly offered us another meal and even took off one meal from the bill, which was really kind of him.

Liverpool Clubhouse Burger

Whilst we were eating, a woman began to sing and play guitar live who had an incredible voice, something I really think adds a little something to a dining experience. If the weather gets a bit warmer, I’ll definitely be returning to The Club House in Liverpool One, for a cold glass of White wine…or two.


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