Ark Health Club De Stress During Your Lunch Hour

No matter who you are, or what you do, we all love to pamper ourselves once in a while. Whether you enjoy a quick afternoon swim or a Hot Stone Massage, joining a health club is one way of dealing with the stress of modern life.

So you work in the business district of Liverpool. You might drive into work or you might hop on the train and jump off a Moorefields Station- we are all rushing around during the week, attending meetings, hitting deadlines and spending hours at night trying to prepare for that big presentation. Sometimes this daily routine can get a little too much. I can say that I can definitely relate to those who find it difficult to switch off after hours, but we’ve found a way to de-stress, relax and retain that aspirational work life balance.

Unlock Liverpool were invited to see what The Ark Health Club in The Radisson Blu has to offer local businesses and their staff.

Ark Health Club Liverpool

It was clear as soon as we arrived at the gym, that it is conveniently located within a short walk to many of the local offices in Liverpool’s business district. It would be an ideal location to take a lunchtime swim or an early morning workout session before heading into the office.

Ark Health Club Liverpool

Quite a personal gym, we were warmly greeted on reception and given towels on arrival- a nice touch. Heading straight up to the gym, we were quite surprised with how much space there is to workout either alone in the studio or in the gym itself with a decent view of the waterfront.

We made our way into the changing rooms which are very spacious and clean. Taking a dip in the pool, we began to really relax, enjoying how warm the water was compared to many other pools we’ve tried out in the city.

Ark Health Club Liverpool

The Jacuzzi and sauna are not to be missed, this is when the idea of being able to come here more than once a week really began to sink in. The sense of relaxation of letting go of any stress, worries or concerns is amazing and something we believe a lot of people could really benefit from. The Ark Health Club offers workaholics like us a perfect escape from the daily drag of the modern world that we live in.

With a gym, swimming pool and a variety of workouts to suit all levels of fitness, I think it’s time to throw your paperwork to the side and dip your toe into the pool of peace and tranquility.

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