Pudding Club Masterclass From District House

Winter is a bit of a free for all when it comes to indulging in comfort food, and for us that means enjoying hot soup, drinking lots of cups of cocoa topped with marshmallows and of course,  filling ourselves up on rich and indulgent desserts. Throw in a couple of expertly paired cocktails and you’ve got Pudding Club, created by District House.


Now everyone just calm down and listen up, we’re about to tell you how you too can taste and drink your way through a masterclass of carefully selected puddings and cocktails, inspired and designed by the restaurant’s head bartender and executive chef. Let’s get one thing straight before we start!  We were invited to Pudding Club, we did not deliberately ruin our diet, we just happened to need to force ourselves to enjoy 3 rich and oh so delicious desserts, for business development reasons …of course…your honor! In fact, District House invited us ( which we couldn’t exactly refuse) to their delightful Pudding Club.


Yes it’s no secret that there’s a bit of a trend going on among foodies like us. We are all searching for that something different, that not only tastes delicious but is not quite what we expected. District House surprised us with their weird and wonderful selection of hand paired cocktails and desserts, that we plan to sample in the not so distant future once again.

Pudding Club District House

First up, came an earthy and full flavored dish, which we dug into in anticipation. Beetroot Panna Cotta, Goats Curd, Raspberry, Beetroot Gel and Amaranth- no sign of your dull chocolate brownie here. Washed down with a strong raspberry infused gin with basil and dry vermouth and a touch of lemon.


Next, came the nostalgic flavours of Summer 16, delicate elder flower jelly, lime and cucumber syrup in a glass pot excellently paired with a glass of ginseng liqueur and elder flower Prosecco.

Pudding Club

Following this, if that wasn’t enough, they placed in front of me, a rich peanut parfait with aerated chocolate and cherries. This dessert, ladies and gentlemen was perfectly paired with an Alice in Wonderland inspired glass, which you needed to slowly sip through it’s tiny spout to enjoy. In the glass, the one drink which for me screams winter- Baileys, chocolate, Chambord and cream.

Pudding Club

I invite anyone who has a bit of a sweet tooth but is brave enough to try something very refined, to head straight over to District House and book yourself in for their Pudding Club experience. It does have the potential to leave you a bit worse for wares after three cocktails but we were extremely satisfied as we stumbled into a taxi to go home.

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