Bite Club Liverpool

Bite Club in Liverpool now offer a delicious, nutritious and fresh Liverpool lunch delivery service and we were lucky enough to give it a go.

Working in Liverpool city-centre comes with its perks. Plenty of places to hang-out during your lunch hour, perfectly situated for after work drinks, within a stone’s throw of Liverpool One for those last-minute shopping essentials, but when it comes to buying lunch, things can begin to get difficult. The usual option for Liverpool professionals is to head to a supermarket and grab a meal deal, or perhaps pop into a coffee shop for a pastry and coffee combo, but let’s be honest both of these choices aren’t going to do any favours for your waist-line. So, if you’re looking for a healthy, easy and affordable way to maintain your figure while working in Liverpool, let us introduce you to Bite Club Liverpool.

Over a working week, we had lunch delivered directly to our office, in the middle of Liverpool city-centre at lunch time from Bite Club. Designed to be as fresh and nutritious as possible we were surprised at how varied their menu was.

Using their handy app, you can order a fresh calorie-controlled meal and drink to your place of work and its completely FREE delivery. Superfood meals start from £4.25 which is very affordable, and you can even treat yourself to a snack, such as a carrot and poppyseed muffin for those 3pm tummy rumbles.

Based in The Capital Building on Old Hall Street in Liverpool, you can either pop in to their superfood store for their full menu, whether you fancy a delicious pancake breakfast before work, or a guilt-free and healthy lunch, or order via the app. With each and every meal scientifically designed to include some of the world’s healthiest superfood ingredients, say goodbye to that sluggish and heavy feeling after a meal day or sandwich on the go, and say hello to a new and delicious way of eating lunch at work.

Out of the Bite Club Liverpool meals we tried, we would strongly recommend the Thai Chicken and peanut slaw salad.

We want to say a massive thank you to Bite Club Liverpool for sending us a variety of your delicious superfood meals. We thought they were delicious and a fantastic way of eating healthy while in work.

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